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There are some countries in the world which just beg to be experienced from the back of a scooter. The sense of freedom, the wind in your hair and sails, the feeling that adventure is just a rev away; it’s all found straddling the steel horse. As the late, great Anthony Bourdain rightly stated; “one of the great joys of life is riding a scooter through Hanoi’’. And such a freewheelin’ mantra could be applied to infinite locations; Seville, Barcelona, Rome, Marrakech, Chiang Mai and many more besides; all infinitely better on two wheels.  

There are plenty of pros and less cons to operating unescorted, unburdened and unleashed by bike while you travel. And while of course this approach does demand a little know-how and a touch of streetwise sensibility, it really is truly rewarding.If you’re not already convinced, then read on; our 4 IDEAL benefits of renting a scooter on your travels.


When you’re travelling, time is precious. Experiences need experiencing, moments capturing and connections made. The wait for the next bus might be the difference between meeting the love of your life (or next few days) and spending the next part of your journey alone and un-enriched. There’s not doubt that travelling by scooter is usually quicker (and more fun), saving time on the road and that all important pondering-your-next-move part. Which brings us on to….


Planning, preparation, strategy and foresight; not exactly words which chime with the spontaneous, carefree approach to travelling that most of us want. However, while a certain amount of planning is always advantageous when it comes to travelling, renting a motorbike means you can be a lot more flexible with your trip; if your new found best friends have a trip tomorrow, tagging along is as easy as turning a key. Companies like cooltra scooter rental make all the paperwork and red tape super easy, so all you really have to worry about is keeping your balance on the road!


On two wheels, you can see so much more in less time; the journey, as they say, is so much more than the destination. You can see all the sights while in transit, as well as being able to hop off when and where you like. If you suddenly decide to change course, then the getting lost, the finding, and the exploring will likely yield a whole host of new experiences which being confined to a car, bus or train would simply not offer.


While the jury’s still out on whether or not scootin’ is the cheapest form of transport, it’s certainly likely to save a few more pennies than taxis or car hire and other transportation costs. What’s more, it’s much easier to budget for than the aforementioned cabs, as you usually pay up front, in advance and in a simple, easy to predict manner. Perfect, then, for relieving one less money based planning headache from your trip!


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