There is no doubt that online casinos have really taken off in the last decade or so. With the necessity no longer there to attend the table in physical form, opportunities to place a punt remotely have risen. From an online casino NJ in the US to sites which serve UK and beyond, a risk exits that this is the signalling of a death knell for true bricks’n’mortar places. 

The appeal, though, is totally different. Indeed, the proper glitz, glamour and spectacle is still found in the real deal destinations. And these are some of the best; our 4 IDEAL casino experiences from around the world.


This is arguably the most luxurious casino experience on the planet and one which puts the sass in spectacle. Housed in (surprise, surprise) Monte Carlo, in the south of France, the stunning landscape that surrounds it seems to set the tone for decadence and a little debauchery, too. A huge gambling and entertainment complex, and so much more than just a place for bets, this one. 

It’s so iconic, in fact, that the Royale-Les-Eaux Casino in famous Bond flick ‘Casino Royale’ is based on Monte Carlo’s grandest structure. Unlike many casinos desperate to lure you in with offers of freebies and entertainment, MCC retains a more exclusive air; there’s an entry fee and further charges to gain access to private rooms. As befits a casino of such overstated elegance, a dinner jacket must be worn after 8pm. 


When talking about global casino experiences, you have to include London – home of the megarich (pay your bloody taxes guys). One of the best casinos on offer currently in the capital is the glamorous Ritz Club, which is found in the swanky Ritz Hotel – well, duh. The setting here is opulent in the extreme, with a gorgeously decorated main room and exquisite carpets to tread and lavish furniture to sit upon. Games on offer here include punto banco, roulette and three-card poker. For an extra air of exclusivity, guests can play in one of three private rooms: the Amber, Carmen or Aida.


Well, we’ve come far enough without mentioning Las Vegas, right? While there are so many contenders along the strip, it’s the Bellagio that still tops the luxury list. Opened in 1998 and perhaps not boasting the heritage of the others on our list, the big B has since been playing catch up and has established a reputation for luxury among gambling connoisseurs. 

This is a lively casino, for sure, but one that does not get too crowded like some in Vegas – this is mainly due to its location. While found in the heart of the Strip, it seems to manage to avoid the large crowds of tourists seen at other Vegas casinos. As well as the casino itself giving a break to remember, there is also the world-famous dancing fountains to see outside and the delicious buffet-style food options within to gorge on. 


If you fancy heading into Europe, then the Kurhaus in Germany could be for you. This is actually a casino and spa resort set in Germany’s Black Forest, and the sense of seclusion just heightens the experience. Corinthian columns line the entrance to welcome you in, giving the impression you’re entering some kind of Greek orgy. Sadly, the frivolity doesn’t reach those extremes.

The Kurhaus does actually boast a great deal of history; it first became popular in the mid-1800s when France banned gambling and people crossed the border to get their fix. Even movie star Marlene Dietrich has played here and described it as the most beautiful casino she had ever seen. On offer within the hallowed walls are poker, blackjack and roulette, and if you do suffer a big loss, a trip to the spa may soothe your sins.