Believe it or not, though London’s mercury is still barely touching double figures, the warm weather isn’t that far away. The clocks are going forward next week, the summer collections are springing up on the high street, and our pasty complexions will soon be blessed with sun. When the sweat finally forms on your brow, you’re going to need somewhere to cool off.

We’ve got just the idea. Frozen cocktails, essentially boozy slushies, look set to be the drink of the summer. Indeed, trendy slushie cocktails are perennially popular in London when the weather starts to heat up, so, with the help of Snowshock, purveyors of frozen cocktail slush machines, we’re previewing the best places to find them, before they melt. Here are 5 IDEAL places to get frozen cocktails in London.


Mezcal is the drink of choice at superb Borough Market taqueria El Pastor, but you’d be missing out on their exemplary frozen margarita if you came here and only stuck to the big M.Theirs is made unique with aguamiel, a type of honey sweet sap extracted from the agave plant. The addition of orange sherbert brings yet another level of intrigue to an already complex cocktail.

Address: 7A Stoney St, London SE1 9AA, UK

Frozen Margarita at El Pastor Bex Walton © Flickr 


When you hear these late-night pizza slice slingers do a fine frozen margarita, you might be forgiven for fearing a cheese’n’tomato number served straight from the freezer. Don’t worry, it’s just a rogue and reckless homophone. But there’s nothing phoned in about their signature cocktail. It uses proper, 6 month aged Olmeca Reposado tequila which brings the punch, complemented by an agave syrup which doubles down on the spirit’s characteristic finish. No half measures here, then.

Address: 95 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB, UK


Ramen specialists Bone Daddies have given their frozen margarita a Japanese twist with the beautifully bitter inclusion of yuzu juice. Those bitter notes are augmented by triple sec; Cointreau to laypeople like you and me. The result is a poised, seductive cocktail which works surprisingly well alongside a bowl of ramen, offering respite from the umami bomb of the bowl.

Address: Various London locations

Bone Daddies © Facebook


This colourful, underground Mexican bar in Soho offers classic frozen margaritas with a choice of added fresh fruit, purees and liquors. Available in strawberry, raspberry, mango and passionfruit, this one is for those who like to curate their cocktails to match their mood. You have to be a member of The Pink Chihuahua to sample this slushy, but it’s worth the administration process which takes 24 hours and just £5.00.

And before you write this place off as a snooty, exclusive members-only joint, think again. The terms of the premises licence as set out by the council obligate the bar to ensure that everyone who gains admittance to The Pink Chihuahua are registered members or guests of registered members. Bloody bureaucracy. 

Address: 25-27 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 0RR


We’re finishing our cocktail crawl in Shoreditch, at D/F Mexico (DF standing for Distrito Federal, what locals call Mexico City, apparently).  Here to go with your burritos, tacos and quesadillas are a choice of frozen margaritas in classic, passion fruit or raspberry and hibiscus flavour. You can make that a 1 litre jug with 4 glasses to share if you’re up for bedding in for a longer session.

Address: Hanbury St, Shoreditch, London E1 6QR

Main image and above © D/F Mexico Facebook 


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