It’s August already? Like a runaway train on a downward slope, time seems to be rushing by at a pace we can’t quite contain. Before we know it, it’s 2020 and all its glorious symmetry. Until then, to achieve the same equilibrium, it’s time to harness the year’s interior design trends, so the final third feels harmonious. Curious about what’s been the hippest, hottest fashions within the world of domestic aesthetics recently? Then read on; our 4 IDEAL interior designs trends for 2019.

1970s CHIC

The first step in keeping your house interior up to date is, conversely, by casting your gaze backwards. In 2019, as with many other industries, interior design has incorporated many stylistic elements inspired by the 1970s. The textures, palettes, furniture and layout style often categorised as ’70s chic’ can bring homely yet hip vibes to any setting. In terms of colour, it’s all about the oranges and reds in a lavish and luxe texture. Thick shag rugs and geometric floor tiles complete the look.


In 2019 the focus has very much been placed on creating more space; a fresh and inviting look conducive to inclusivity and socialising is the priority here. The trend of filling up rooms with clutter and compartmentalising is over; in its place comes expansive settings made to feel organic even in the most urban of settings via the use of natural materials such as concrete and stone.

Though it’s an undertaking, 2019 has seen walls between two rooms torn down (an anti-Trump sentiment subconsciously expressed through interior design perhaps?) to create larger spaces. A slightly less burdensome way to create a similar, open feel is by replacing old doors (of which are often thick and obstructive) with glass sliding doors, creating the illusion of impartiality. Online Door Store holds a vast variety of such modern style doors that can be installed into homes with a minimum of fuss. 


The latest trends in the world of patterns include geometric and floral designs, guaranteed to add a lively vibe to any room. In an otherwise dull space, a sense of vigour and liveliness can be instilled via such patterns. 2019 has also seen a rise in the use of agate stone, whose polished surface bears a likeness to those aforementioned geometric trends. When used in synergy, true intrigue and visual appeal are added. Of course, an easier way to harness this trend in any room is by adding throws, cushions or curtains with geometric or floral patterns. 

Finally, 2018’s love for velvet hasn’t dampened in 2019, though the colour may have changed. 2018 was all about millennial pink, but 2019 is being dominated by deep hued velvet textures which contribute to the trend of saturated rooms. 


The use of unique, statement lighting fixtures completes our list. Artisan lighting fixtures, rustic and homey versions and vintage style lighting are all being widely used this year. Instead of last year’s propensity for exposed lighting fixtures, this year, vintage fixtures in the shape of sconces and pendants are more in vogue. They add a more classic feel to rooms, simultaneously giving off a rustic vibe. Besides this penchant for the vintage, handcrafted fixtures from local artists are also becoming a top trend. Such items add personality to any space needing an injection of the stuff.