Casual Fridays are a bit of a weird concept, aren’t they? Because if your boss ‘allows’ you to wear what you want for just one day a week, then what does that say about their control over you for the other four? But seeing as most offices have one, it’s a wise move to use them to your advantage; by putting your best foot forward and displaying a little of your personality. Here’s how we think they should be done; our 4 IDEAL style tips for Casual Fridays.


OK, let’s start by making things complicated. Unfortunately, there’s no universal rule when it comes to casual Friday. The definition of ‘casual’ or ‘dress down’ can be wildly different from company to company, presenting a problem from the off.

For example, in a more formal environment, casual Friday might just involve not wearing a tie. In others, jeans and trainers, such as these from, might be acceptable. If in doubt, ask your manager or a colleague. Or simply be a rebel and don your Monday to Thursday clothes. After all, there’s a lot to be said for not conforming.


If jewellery isn’t really a thing during your Monday-Thursday routine, try to resist the urge to go overboard as soon as Friday arrives. Sure, as we all know, accessorising is a big deal; something that can transform your appearance and give personality when you’re in a uniform. But let’s face it, too much of the stuff can be restrictive and irritating when trying to get a job done efficiently.


Though a switch from suit to slippers might be a little too drastic, it can be liberating to really embrace comfort on the one day of the week you can get away with it. Basically, if you think it’s acceptable, trackies are the dream here. Otherwise, loose fitting, soft materialed stuff is perfect. Perhaps we’d stop short at a onesie, though.


Generally, we’d love to implore you to wear anything you damn please. It’s your life, body and sense of style, and you shouldn’t let anyone dictate your dress. There are, however, items which you’d be wise to avoid, in order to keep the fabric of the office smooth and fractureless. So, it’s probably not a great idea to wear something which exposes your midriff or is properly revealing. Flip flops, from a practical perspective, are also ill advised; you might be at heightened risk of a workplace injury in such footwear. Finally, we’d also suggest steering clear of shorts; it simply looks a little sloppy.


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