Though it’s perhaps not the most glamorous of hobbies, seeing as you’ve clicked on this article, we’re going to assume you’re looking to take the plunge into the fascinating world of fossil collecting. And who can blame you? It’s unique, esoteric and infinite in its scope; what other hobbies can boast of their time travelling capabilities, for one? A thrill ride for sure, so buckle up; here are 4 IDEAL tips for beginner fossil collectors.


This is a hobby heavily reliant on having the right equipment to get the job done; a good rock hammer, fossil identification guide/book, something to carry your finds in and a reusable water should be your base level gear.

An important note on etiquette; don’t get too carried away though and take home all the fossils on site. Remember that, however niche this may feel, there are plenty of other enthusiasts and it would be a great shame to deny them the joys of fossil hunting. The sense of community within the field is tight knit and integral, so nurture it.


Here’s the rub; you’re unlikely to unearth anything truly groundbreaking if you only go looking in your back garden. The foreplay’s over, you have the right tools in place, now comes the main event; it’s time to go out fossil hunting.

You don’t have to go far for some great opportunities. Indeed, Lime Regis in Dorset, Danes Dyke in Yorkshire and Herne Bay in Kent are just some of the many UK destinations to satisfy your thirst for the chase. But with your new found hobby also comes to excuse to go and explore the world. And in a world where the opportunities for discovery are limitless, it’s rewarding to combine your passion with a little travel. Depending on your location, you might actually be lucky enough to discover the oldest known animal or ancient creature. Who knows, you may even discover a creature that we never even knew existed! Fancy that. 


Of course, all of this can be done from home if the collecting aspect takes priority over the hunting. Websites like are on hand to help you find the perfect fossils to fill your collection. Be sure to seek a certificate of authenticity to guarantee your new additions to the collection are the real deal. Any reputable seller should be able to provide one.


It doesn’t matter if you hunted them yourself or simply sourced online. Once you’ve got your fossil collection sorted, we think it deserves showing off. Your hobby is an intriguing conversation starter for sure, and represents a unique focal point within the home. So, give your collection pride of place. Various stands and boxes designed specifically for the task are available online, so get shopping. Good luck!