Looking for a revamp of your home? Well, why not consider starting with the outside, the first bit everyone lays eyes on and as such, one which makes a particular impression on guests. And what part do visitors see even before your front garden or door? Why, the fence of course.

The reasons for updating your fencing are myriad. Having tired or broken fencing on a garden can stop you taking full advantage of the space, and can also give the neighbours the wrong impression about your home ownership. What’s more, should potential buyers be viewing, then your kerb appeal will be limited. Indeed, it’s said that good fences make good neighbours, and the right ones keep the unwanted away and have the welcome to stay. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL tips for choosing the right fencing.


One of the most important factors to consider when fencing a garden or yard is how much of the stuff you’ll actually need. It’s not uncommon to either woefully under or dramatically over estimate prior to purchase, leaving you short or with surplus. Don’t just think about the length of the perimeter of the area, but also consider what height you want.

Indeed, height is an often-overlooked component of fencing, but it’s important that the fence is high enough to offer privacy (more of that later) but not so high as to make the space feel too enclosed or separated from the outside world. A tricky balancing act, it seems.

How much fencing you determine is necessary will greatly impact your shopping choices, as fencing is sold by the foot or by the yard, or per panel. Your fencing budget divided by the amount of fencing you need should give you a ballpark figure of the amount you can spend per foot or panel, and this will help you choose the right panel for you that doesn’t blow your budget.


Without wishing to burden you with the paradox of choice, it’s important to realise that there are many types of fences available. Many people will be familiar with wooden panels and reinforced concrete slabs, but now a number of modern materials have entered the market, too, just to mix things up further and bring more dilemma.

There are a now a fair few companies producing fencing panels using composite materials and plastics. This type of fencing has a number of advantages over wooden fencing, including its durability and its ease of installation; they come coloured and fully finished with no need to creosote. Result!

And the good news it that there are a number of composite fencing suppliers that offer excellent quality fencing that is often much better value than wooden or concrete options when you consider the ease of installation and their low maintenance.


When considering style, fencing has progressed a huge amount over the last decade or so. The traditional options which we’re all familiar with are still available, but now a number of new designs are on the market that can give your garden a more contemporary – dare we say, chic – look.

Composite fencing panels have the edge here, with their production process offering their manufacturers a number of design options and a flexibility not available in a single material panel. Concrete, it should be said, is catching up; there emerging styles of formed concrete panelling offering different patterns and finishes that can be painted. 


‘It’s better to be looked over than overlooked’ said the great Mae West, and while in most cases this rings true, in terms of a city garden space, it perhaps misses the mark. Because when backyards are small and cosy, one of the biggest issues is that they’re also lacking in privacy. Nosy neighbours (or equally those simply going about their business) will see and hear everything if you don’t make efforts to add privacy to your space. 

Consider installing a fence with decent height, as well as bringing in pot plants with a deliberately vertical stance, to give that impression of separation from your neighbours. Go further by identifying any blindspot in the view from their upper floor windows into your garden and make the most of it; place any communal areas like chairs and tables in that space.


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