Whether it’s work, love or simply curiosity that has brought you to the States, now you’re here it’s safe to assume that you’re probably a little daunted by the sheer scope of places to visit. No doubt you’ll want to jump from state to state and try a few out for size before settling down. However, America is of course a huge country, with states having wildly varying climates, traditions, laws and taxes. A little preparation is vital, then, for the transition. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL tips for moving out of state.


America has 50 unique states, all of which contain their own distinct people, places, and habits. The differences are akin to changing country, and the move should be approached as such. Financially, some serious planning is required. Therefore, it’s crucial that you check out government economic data to figure out how the cost of things like housing, medical services, and insurance, as these vary from state to state. This will help you budget and adjust to the new environment quickly, avoiding any surprises torpedoing your settling in process.


Before you make the big move, it’s extremely prudent to first get somewhere temporary – even if that’s simply a week in an airbnb or a few days on a friend’s sofa – to properly scope out a place and get a feel for it. Though you may have developed a favourable perspective of place, through the lens of social media or even on the big screen, you may find your expectations aren’t met. Best, then, to see things first hand and experience how everyday life is led, thus avoiding any nasty surprises which may occur from jumping in at the deep end.


The prospect of moving is filled with pitfalls and potholes. A moving company is well equipped to circumnavigate those hazards, as they have local, specialist knowledge only years of experience can accrue. In short, they know what they do; the best being organized, competent and blessed with foresight. As we all know, disasters can strike in the moving house process, but a reliable company, such as Miami movers if your chosen state is Florida, will keep an inventory of your items, and have them arranged and labelled them correctly. Not only does his greatly minimize the chances of your things being damaged or lost, but it also makes the daunting task of unpacking at the other end much more manageable.


In the excitement (or trepidation) of a move, some of the more boring bits of bureaucracy can be forgotten. You’re busy checking out the ‘best local restaurants’ lists, perhaps checking out new dating options on various apps, and wondering which sofa you’ll be parking your bottom on to watch Netflix. But there’s admin to get on top of, so do so accordingly. That means registering your car in your new state and applying for a new driving licence (compulsory), redirecting mail and forwarding mail, to name but a few.