If you want poker straight hair, it’s tempting to reach for the blow dryer or flat iron everyday. However, we don’t have to tell you that over time, exposing your hair to such intense heat can cause so much damage. Straightners can cause hair loss and breakages leaving your locks looking thin and brittle. With this in mind, we’ve asked stylist to the stars Asgar Saboo to share IDEAL tips for heat-free straightening.


It all starts with changing up your hair-wash routine. Choose a shampoo and conditioner specifically made to smooth your hair; they’re designed to weigh down and moisturise your locks with lasting results. Post wash, apply leave-in conditioner or smoothing cream to maximise moisture. If your hair is really thick and curly, apply hair oil such as argan or macadamia. This will be absorbed fully into your hair, leaving your locks looking glossy and straight.


To avoid using heat on your hair, it’s important to make the most out of towel drying. Regularly using a blow dryer on your hair can leave it dry and visibly damaged.  Use your towel slowly and gently, otherwise the friction will leave your hair looking frizzy and tangled.


Once you’ve towel dried your hair until it’s left only slightly damp, you’ll need to throughly brush your hair. Separate your locks into manageable sections and brush it out using a wide tooth comb. Brush firmly downwards, pulling your hair tightly to force straight and stop it from curling up. Repeat this motion every few minutes until your hair is completely dry. Applying a small amount of smoothing product such as coconut oil or mousse just before your hair dries will discourage frizz and prevent those unwanted waves from creeping in.


To preserve your silky smooth and straight style overnight, wrap a silk scarf around your hair just before bed, When you unravel it in the morning, your hair should look just as perfect as the night before, as if by magic.

Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.