It’s such a cataclysmic life event that to downplay it seems dangerous. Yep, a major break up or divorce has unavoidable, life changing consequences which require careful management and treatment if you’re to come out the other side in one piece. After all, once such a split has occurred, it really is about taking care of that number one; you. Here’s how; our 4 IDEAL ways to look after yourself following a break up or divorce.


Going through a breakup or divorce can bring about such a shake up in your everyday structure and sense of normality that it can completely throw you off kilter, both mentally and physically, if you let it. Suddenly you’re forgetting to eat, neglecting the gym regime and finding yourself in your pyjamas way past the closing credits of Good Morning Britain. It’s vital if you’re to keep control of the spiralling situation to stick to a routine. It needn’t be the same as the one you used to follow with your former partner, but having some semblance of normality and discipline in this difficult time can be really reassuring.


Don’t suffer in silence. Though friendship groups may have been fragmented by the split, close friends will still be on your side, so seek solace in them and confide. Family members can also be relied upon to offer guidance or simply a shoulder to cry on, but if you’re more comfortable finding reassurance from strangers or professionals, that’s completely fine too.

Try searching for a support group made up of people who are going through the same thing as you, as they can give you real, practical tools to help you cope with your own, unique situation. Divorce Support Group offer advice and counselling as well as a space to meet and converse with others in your situation. If you’re in need of advice on a more practical level, talk to a legal counsel for ways you can make the actual bureaucratic process less stressful.


Studies suggest a link between divorce and the development of depression and anxiety so don’t be afraid to seek counselling should the onset of this occur. You can also make several lifestyle changes which can help nurture a calm, balanced headspace ideal for coping with the strains of a big change.

Factoring mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine can do so much for promoting the most positive, composed version of you possible during this difficult time. We’ve written more about that over here; so check it out. The mental health benefits of exercise are now firmly established too, so don’t neglect those daily runs or trips to the gym during the divorce process. The release of endorphins and opportunity to focus on some nourishment of body and soul will do you the world of good, there’s no doubt about that.


Staying at home and reflecting on what’s changed can feel comforting for a time, but when you’re ready it can be a really positive move to get out there and meet some new people. We’re not necessarily talking about finding a new partner hastily, but rather a more all-encompassing embrace of the new opportunity you have to go out and engage in fulfilling conversation and activities with like-minded people. Take up a new hobby, join a night class, go dancing! Do what it takes to regain your confidence and trust in others. Good luck.