So you slept with the windows shut for the first time in a while last night? Yep, we see ya. Finger hovering over the thermostat, wondering if it’s okay to fire it up? Us too! Thick socks and jogging trousers dusted off and now designated as your comfy clothes? Oh yeah. 

Nope, we haven’t been spying on you. But we are in the same boat. We all are. Autumn is definitely in the air; we feel it in the cooling temperatures, we see it in the darker evenings, we smell it in the pumpkin spiced lattes. It’s here. And as such, your bedroom needs an update to be synergetic with the season. Here’s how; our 4 IDEAL ways to update your bedroom for autumn.


Chances are you didn’t need much mood lighting during the summer months; you were out and about, enjoying the balmy, hazy evenings, not cozied up in bed with a good book. But autumn signals a change in our habits. Yep, that’s more early nights under the duvet, enjoying the comfort and cosiness of the domestic space as the nights gradually close in. So, you’re going to need to change up the lighting; get some dimmers installed, get some bulbs which emit a warm glow or lampshades which promote one.

It’s all about layering here and combining different lights to create a particular mood or feel. From side lamps illuminating a dark corner to flickering candles creating a warm glow, this layered approach is ideal for switching up the shade according to the activity you want to shine some light on. For inspiration, check out the lighting range from At Home Comforts by Jack Stonehouse, which offers plenty of scope for switching up the lighting possibilities.


Summer was rightly all about light blues, yellows and oranges, channeling the sea, sky, sun and our tans. But that palate, and the glorious memories of bright, heady days, feel somewhat out of place in the relative gloom of autumn, like an ex whose scent on your pillowcase simply won’t dissipate.

It’s time to refresh, reboot and refocus forwards. As such, you should channel the energy of autumn with dark oranges, deep, rich reds, and earthy tones of racing green and brown. You don’t need to repaint your room; simply change up the bedsheets to a darker tone, invest in some throws in the new season’s shades and introduce some cushions with a more autumnal themed design. The bed is the focal point of the room, so give it some love.


Practically and aesthetically, the emergence of autumn should coincide with you warming your room. It’s time to get cosy, and this all starts with layering up the windows, the bed and more. If you’ve deployed simple blackout blinds all summer in an attempt to keep out that 4am sunrise, now is the time to reintroduce curtains. This serves to add warmth to the room physically, and visually it feels more comforting, too. If these curtains can harness the hues of the season, all the better. It’s also time to dust off that thicker duvet and perhaps add an extra throw to the end of your bed. Don’t fight it; the cold nights are coming.


Channeling the energy of autumn shouldn’t extend only to the visual appeal of your bedroom; you can exploit all the senses here, and smell plays a huge role in bringing that warm, comforting hug of the season into your domestic space.

Candles are the obvious go-to here, but you can bring aroma into your bedroom in other ways; diffusers, popery and incense can all play a part. Perhaps steer clear of the obvious pumpkin smell and harness instead the power of early ‘Christmassy’ spices like clove and cinnamon (we like to wrap our candles in cinnamon sticks for an extra injection of the good stuff), cedarwood, and apple. Hey, maybe autumn isn’t so bad after all.