Ideal for those looking to add an extra layer of security to their home.

Renovation stations! All hands on deck, best foot forward and eyes on the prize…

But in the rush to glam up the bathroom, update the kitchen and enhance the kerb appeal, sometimes additions which would improve the safety and security of a property get sidetracked. Ask yourself this; what’s the point in having a modern, newly renovated home if it’s lying prone to burglary and damage?  

Sure, homeowners usually take burglar alarms and smoke detectors into consideration, perhaps even install brand new fire doors and sturdier locks, but the world of home security has long surpassed these basic services. Nowadays, you have several extra blankets of security available at your fingertips, if only you do your research. We’re assuming that’s why you’ve landed here…

Ranging from smart home electronics to biometric verification, what was once the realm of science fiction is now a couple of clicks on Amazon away. If you enjoy being on the cutting edge, here are 4 safety tech features to consider when renovating your property, IDEAL for those looking to add an extra layer of security to their home.


Heralding the end of the old ‘’did I leave the stove on?’’ panic, the smart stove brings all the benefits of IoT straight to your kitchen. It’s a wonderful technology for improving your cooking, sure, but our interest today in these types of stovetops lies in their connectivity and its contribution to security. 

Should you be having a moment when you’re not sure if you’ve left the hob burning, you can quickly check that all the burners are off with a simple app on your smartphone. You can also track usage and theoretically cook an entire meal remotely, but we’re not quite sure of how they envision that working. We suspect we will need to wait for the cyborg butlers before that becomes a genuine option. 


Don’t be put off by the futuristic-sounding terminology; biometric access control is one of our absolute favourites in the home security tech sphere. 

Once installed, the days of scrambling for lost keys will be a distant memory. To enter your home, all you need is your fingertip. There are variations of the technology that use different access control measures to ensure safety, such as a USB key and facial recognition, too. To our mind, a USB key is just another one to lose, and since we are all mask bound, facial recognition is a hassle. The standard door lock with fingerprint sensor and a code input panel (for when your neighbour needs to feed the pets for example) is the ultimate in BAC for the home. It’s also surprisingly affordable to install; smart locks are currently available on Amazon (other providers are available) for less then £250.


Modern technology sees a lot of emphasis on merging existing tech into more convenient multipurpose gadgets, and we’re all here for simplifying and amalgamating in the tech world. 

Coming back to the smoke detector, this technology, along with motion and audio sensors, have all been combined into one single device; the smart detector. There are various brand names with multiple additions and selling points, but the primary purpose of these nifty little gadgets is right there in the name. Having all your detectors connected via IoT, you can receive any emergency notifications regardless of where you are and irrespective of what the issue is that’s been detected. Streamlining never sounded so advanced.


Home security and surveillance is a key tool in keeping your home and your family safe in the domestic setting. As with all technologies, it is not the tech itself which is particularly impressive or helpful to the user, but the way it is used and the additional app based controls which define it.

Smart cameras for the home have far more capability than a simple security camera, since they are complemented by artificial intelligence systems. The advent of machine learning means that camera systems can process and ‘understand’ relevant information; install one today and get a true insight into any threats on your property. Here, foresight takes precedent over hindsight; prevention is better than cure after all. And all this ultimately leads to a safer home and improved peace of mind.

A smart camera is now more than capable of facial recognition, allowing it to alert you immediately to the presence of any strangers in or around your home. There is even work being done where smart cameras are used to call emergency services if they spot someone in need of medical assistance. Incredible!