Firstly, a disclaimer; these turbulent, topsy-turvy times have been incredibly hard on so many, and if food has provided you with extra comfort, then you do you. We’ve certainly sought solace in a few sofa-based pizzas over the last few months, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

That said, if you’ve unintentionally gained a few extra kilos and are keen to lose them, knowing that as we approach winter time it can be harder shed that extra weight, then that’s also fine. Some want to be fighting fit, footloose and flighty for the coming months; months which will, without doubt, be tough.

Fortunately, even with the threat of restrictions lasting until next year, gyms staying closed and the inclement British weather preventing enthusiastic outdoor exercise, there are ways to stay at your desired weight over the coming months. Here’s some of them; our 4 steps to losing the lockdown load.


It’s a much trotted out ratio; that weight loss depends on 80% diet and 20% exercise. Whilst the evidence isn’t quite so clear cut as a simple 5/4 fraction, it does emphasise the fact that burning calories alone won’t help you hit your desired weight.

Diet is hugely important, too, and eating healthily should always be a priority, especially in times like these. While no one can say how their body will react if they’re unfortunately infected with coronavirus, a strong immune system is bound to help. 

Take a look at this NHS guide to see how to balance meals for the correct nutrition, from carbs through to protein, and get advice for a healthy plate no matter your dietary requirements. Alternatively, check out our tips on how to adjust to the new normal with 5 healthy eating tips for an Autumn spent indoors


Sure, we’re all well aware of the huge health benefits of running, but for many, it’s just not easy to get started, with the obstacle of sore calves and the boredom spent treddin’ the mill too great to get going. 

To inject a little extra motivation into your routine, why not download one of the many Couch to 5k apps out there and give it a go? There’s a surprising variety on offer, but for beginners, the NHS approved Couch to 5K app is the best place to start. By setting yourself some goals and sticking to them, you’ll build up the motivation to run further with each and every trip. 

Make sure you get yourself kitted out properly for running to make it more comfortable and, in turn, more likely to run the test of time; invest in some good trainers, a high viz top, and don’t skimp on buying good calf supports for runners, as running without calf support can lead to injuries.


As we enter the winter months, the weather is going to get worse and we might even be faced with snow (yes, throwing snowballs counts as exercise!). When the weather gets colder, you may not be as keen to go jogging or to the pool, so why not give some YouTube yoga a go? 

There are lots of options and endless high-quality routines to try out, with help from yoga teachers from across the world available online. Here you’ll find everything from energising morning routines to a session for desk related mid-day relief, a relaxing evening number, or even guided practices to help you with your sleep. 

Some of the best free yoga classes available currently which can be done from the comfort of home are found on YouTube, and include Yoga with Adriene and Fightmaster Yoga, as well as via Yome (yoga at home, geddit?), which collates hundreds of the best YouTube yoga videos into one easily accessible platform. Namaste! 

If you’re not into yoga, there’s always YouTube versions of Zumba, CX Worx, and even spin classes if you have your own portable exercise bike.


Back in the first days of lockdown, everyone was tuning into the nation’s PE teacher bright and early routine. He even shared some of his tips for staying healthy earlier this year which can be applied to right now too.

As he observed “so many people are super busy at the moment, juggling home working, childcare, homeschooling and other responsibilities. Other people are finding they have more time on their hands than ever before. As our routines change all over again, it’s important to make time to look after yourself. Quick daily workouts and easy home cooking are a great place to start.”

When it comes to those quick daily routine he speaks of, you can see all of Joe’s live streams on his YouTube channel and join in as if it was happening again right in your living room. What could be more fun? And at least you can prep yourself up with a big cup of coffee before you tune into his youtube channel this time. For the healthy eating part, here are some recipes he shared with us too…

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