If you’re setting up a new business, or even if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you’ll know that the online shopping experience is a vital part of the customer journey. In fact, it’s one that can define the answer to that all important question; ‘will you be returning?’.  

Yep, it’s true that with a dedicated focus on providing the ideal customer experience, you’ll be able to convert consumers into customers, and ditherers into devotees, with a greater level of efficiency, in turn creating a level of excitement around your brand that’s important for you to establish a greater market share in the long run. Here’s how; our 4 steps to providing the IDEAL online shopping experience.


The customer experience (CX) journey is perhaps the most important aspect to concentrate on when you’re considering your online selling platform. From the moment that a consumer gets in touch, or lands on your website, their experience begins, and boosting your customer experience strategy needs to be emphasised. What’s particularly important to note is that the journey doesn’t even end when they make a purchase, or decide to leave your website – you want them to have deduced an understanding of what you’re like as a brand and as an individual, so that they carry with them your business’ character, and may turn to you for shopping in the future. 


If you’re to imbue loyalty and garner word-of-mouth references from your clients, you need them to feel like they’re shopping on a classy, professional and trustworthy website. To enhance their experience, you should consider:

  • Hiring a professional photographer in order to make your photos ‘pop out’ of your website
  • Using a freelance copywriter to make your text more engaging and exciting on every page
  • Building a well-made website, with all the bells and whistles that you need to impress consumers
  • Partnering with a reputable and well-equipped e-commerce provider to help you establish better sales platforms on your website

If you follow all of these points, you’ll be providing a better – a more ideal – experience for every web user that comes across your website.


There’s no doubt that improving the customer experience will help you spread your brand’s credentials and convert web users into customers; the crucial point in the customer journey. This will help you to build a solid and reliable base of customers, who are more than happy to return and shop with you on a regular basis, as well as recommending you to friends, colleagues and more. 

In order to build this, you’re going to need to focus on an overall strategy. Boosting your customer experience strategy doesn’t have to be done in-house. Often, it makes more sense to outsource this to an external agency. They will be able to help you patch together the perfect response to your customer’s needs, both online and in the real world.


The service you provide gives your customers a key understanding of how much you value their custom. It’s vital, then, to make any visitors to your online world feel valued, listened to and safe. Be efficient, timely, reliable and friendly in each and every interaction with your customers, whether it’s on the phone, over an email, or face-to-face. This is how they’ll gain the trust they need to do business with you and pass on positive feedback to friends, family and colleagues.

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