The stuff of pseudoscience, maybe, but recently healing jewellery has risen fast to become the accessory of the moment, and not just among hippies and daydreamers. Indeed, some of biggest and perhaps most superstitious celebrities have helped to bring crystals shimmering into the mainstream.  Victoria Beckham has been known to carry a black obsidian skull crystal for good luck and Katy Perry carries around a rose quartz to attract males. The jury’s out on whether it’s working for them.

While unlike Gwyneth Paltrow we don’t think that inserting a jade egg into your private parts to cleanse the womb space is a good idea, there’s something to be said about the transformative effect of wearing healing jewellery. Although scientifically speaking there is no evidence that crystals and the like can actually cure ailments, they are thought to have a placebo effect and as such, have the ability to enhance your life in sometimes unexpected ways. So whether you choose to believe in the healing, or simply carry one as a good luck charm, here are 4 types of jewellery IDEAL for healing.


A Seven Stone Chakra Healing bracelet has seven chakra beads, stones, gems or crystals. Each one represents a different chakra, but when these are together, they work to keep the person’s energy in balance. On top of that, it’s believed that all negative energies that surround you will disappear due to the healing properties of the braclet.This can also help you with mind troubles, stress and serious diseases.

  • The first one is the stability chakra. This type of chakra is important because it will make you feel safe and secure.
  • The second one is in charge of creativity and works as our sexual center; it is located on the pelvic zone.
  • The third chakra is about self-esteem and it is located on the area between your belly button and breastbone.
  • The fourth, also known as heart chakra, is the source of love. This chakra is present in your daily life because it empowers how you interact with others as well as the type of bonds that you create with other members of a society. For these reasons, you should keep this chakra stone close to your heart.  
  • The fifth one is the throat chakra. It manages the way you speak and communicate your feelings. If it is affected, you tend to act resentful and displeased.
  • The sixth one is also known as the third eye chakra. As you can imagine, it is linked to the so called “sixth sense”. Keeping this chakra open will create an open channel between your gut instinct and the way you act.
  • Lastly, the seventh chakra is located at the top of your head. It is also called the crown chakra. It allows you to easily achieve spiritual connection and self-awareness.


Meditation rings (or spinning rings) are based on ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels. The turning of prayer wheels is a practice for developing compassion (central to Tibetan Buddhism)  increasing good karma and purifying negative thoughts. Based upon the same principles, meditation rings are made to have an outer band, so that the wearer can spin it around the actual ring. This repetitive action helps to focus the mind and encourage a meditiative state. Moreover its said this brings the wearer good luck and fortune, a sense of serenity and peace, and rids the wearer of anxiety and worry.


Similarly to the rings, meditation beads help to promote a a focused mindset via repetitive action. It is thought that continually running the 108 beads through your fingers helps to keep count during meditation mantras – for those of you who don’t know these are usually a personal word or phrase that you repeat to help you focus and to achieve a positive state of mind.


It’s believed by many that crystals can assist to improve your quality of life, whether that’s by reducing stress or even increasing your luck. It’s thought that these reveared stones can help you cope with the various challenges life throws your way.For example,  moonstone is said to ease PMS symptoms and helps to get you in tune with your inner goddess. Here at IDEAL we’re fans of blue lace agate which is thought to help you get rid of those anxious thoughts.