That throbbing, aching feeling that can only come from a pair of high heels after a night out. We’ve all been there. The question is, is it possible to wear heels and be comfortable? We spoke to podiatry expert Michael Ratcliffe from Carnation Footcare who shares his top tips.

Try before you buy

In the shop they feel comfortable but on the dance floor they pinch and rub in all the wrong places – sound familiar? Before you buy your new sandals, walk around in similar heeled shoes for a coule of hours to allow your feet to swell slightly, then try on your new sandals. There should be no restriction to your foot with the straps or the heel counter. Your toes must not over hang the end of the sole of the sandal as this can pinch and cause bruising.

Go Bigger

Maker sure you are wearing the correct size – even if it means going for a bigger size than normal.


Slow Down

The way you walk in your heels can affect your comfort and posture. Slow right down and take shorter steps as rushing will cause you to lean forward and lose that upright posture. Keep your head high and try not to look down, again to maintain that important, confident upright posture and protect your back. If you’re worried about blisters, try Carnation Anti-Blister Stick (£4.15 from firstaidfast.co.uk) to prevent friction before it happens.

Strap Up

As comfortable as they may be, a night of dancing can cause the sandal straps and the heel counter portion to cause friction leading to painful blisters forming. Use Carnation Tip Toes Gel Strap Strips or Carnation Tip Toes Gel Heel Shields (firstaidfast.co.uk) to prevent friction.