The United States is a country which doesn’t fall short when it comes to romantic destinations, that’s for sure. If you and your partner are looking for a new place to explore and indulge in the love you share, the country has everything to suit all manner of esoteric tastes and preferences.

So, whether your holiday is meant for reconnecting with your partner, celebrating the first flushes of love, embarking on a honeymoon or an anniversary, it’s all here. With such a vast country and variety of USA tour packages on offer, the paradox of choice can be crippling and invigorating in equal measure. Fall into the latter side with these, our 5 destinations IDEAL for a romantic getaway in the United States.


Some may think that the characteristics of New Mexico aren’t appealing to those searching for a romantic destination, but Santa Fe is a great place to visit if you enjoy earthy Southwestern design and culture. This city can bring out the romance in your relationship with its unique architecture, colorful lilacs and al fresco dining opportunities. It’s a seasonal affair; visit this destination in the winter for the warm smell of burning pinyon pine which traditionally fills the air, or outdoor festivals and art markets that define the summer months.

You can make a visit to the museums in Santa Fe to get a glimpse of the art and landscapes of Southwestern culture. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is known for one of the largest collection of her landscape art pieces. Visit downtown for shopping and dining options. You could even take a stroll through the side streets and explore the landmarks of the city. This city is filled with artistic culture and if you enjoy creative and inventive thinking, this Southwestern destination is for you. 


Georgia is a Southern state known for its athletics and warm hospitality. And Savannah, one of the oldest cities in Georgia, is at the heart of it all. Indeed, its romanticism is apparent from the moment you enter the town. With its charming ambiance of oak trees, gigantic mansions and historic landmarks, this destination will not allow you to leave without giving you the romantic feels of the South. A short drive from the historic district and you’ll find one of the most stunning estates in all of Savannah – the Wormsloe Historic SiteIf you’re looking to understand more of about the history of Georgia, this former plantation is a good place to start.

Weather is warm year-round and the scenic views of gracious gardens and magnificent water fountains will ensure you first trip here isn’t your last. Vacation rentals here are diverse and different, ranging from cute cottages to high end resorts. Stay close to the Savannah River for the best views in the state.


If you’re hungry for a more vibrant and lively getaway with your partner, then it’s got to be the Big Apple. With its grand skyscrapers, this place has some of the most imposing, majestic city scapes, and more importantly, if you want to lose yourself in culture and history, this is the place.

To really light the spark of romance, New York is home to the country’s most high-end hotels. Room service, king sized beds, luxury shower heads…you get the picture. If you can drag yourself away from your room, consider a ride on a rowboat through Central Park Lake (as close to Venice’s gondolas as you’re gonna get across the pond) and indulge in some people watching once you disembark. As day turns to night, it’s all about food and entertainment. The city has a famed, diverse food scene to rival any other major city in the world, and then, of course the only way to end the evening is by taking in a broadway show


Kauai is often overlooked when people are planning a trip to Hawaii, with most people tending to opt for Maui or Honolulu. But the state island has so much more to offer. But to dismiss Kauai is to miss out on all it has to offer; home to pristine beaches and wonderful sunsets that creates the most romantic vibe possible. This destination boasts a rural idyllic version of the US you won’t find within the main land mass itself, so if you enjoy that sense of being at one with nature, you’ll enjoy your time in Kauai. 

Just a few of the outdoor activities on offer here include:

  • Explore the Secret Beach
  • Venture down the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail
  • See the Waipoo Falls at the Waimea Canyon
  • Take a safari helicopter ride
  • Visit Hawaii’s forbidden island
  • Ride ATVs through the forest


Martha’s Vineyard is a great place to relax and indulge in the finest wine of Massachusetts. And what could be better than a fine glass of something vintage with your beloved? This island boasts beaches by the barrel load as well as a warm, comfortable climate. Be warned; it’s only accessible via plane or boat but the ride is short and the views spectacular. Visit Chilmark to see where the first instalment of Jaws was filmed, but don’t worry; there’s definitely not something in the water here.