Impressing business clients who work in the ‘luxury’ sector, or those who simply have a refined sense of style, can be tough. You don’t want to overdo it, look like you’re trying too hard or that you’ve overthought things. On the flipside, rock up to a meeting looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed, and be prepared to affront. It’s all about striking the right balance of effortless cool and subtle swag, with the right adornments to complete the look…’what, this old thing?’. You get the picture, now paint it with these; our 5 IDEAL accessories to impress your luxury business clients.


You’ve probably heard many devoted watch wearers declare that they feel ‘naked without’ their timepiece. Such a statement carries huge insight into the function of the modern-day watch; not worn for functionality – you have a phone for that, of course – but as a carrier of aesthetic value and ultimately, status. It’s true – a watch is as much an expression of personality and preference than it is an item to track ticks, telling just as much about the person’s sense of style and subtlety as it does the time. 

And a ‘luxury’ watch, perfect for impressing business clients, certainly shouldn’t be the gaudiest wrist candy you can find. That would have the opposite effect. Nope, something sleek and understated, like these watches from Oris at CHRONEXT, will make a far more lasting impact. You don’t want to dazzle and blind, rather twinkle with just a suggestion of that swagger lurking beneath your cuff.


Does anyone actually use those anymore? If you’re asking this question, then you’ve completely missed the point of the modern-day business card. Of course, it’s not actually used these days to give your contact details in a manageable format. Rather, it’s all in the exchange; the giving and receiving of respect, the planting of a flag in the client’s mind, and the opportunity to stand out far beyond the memorability or ‘lucky’ association of your digits.

By handing over a bespoke business card with unique design, or better still, one that appeals to tactile concerns by using an uncommon material, it shows you value the finer details. Think raised lettering on a pale nimbus white background. In the eyes of the client, this care for the smaller elements bodes well for future transactions.


You need to write down a date or detail a document, and you whip out a leaking BIC with shattered plastic…well, it’s just not a good look, now is it? Give it the old ‘John Hancock’ with a fountain pen which catches the light just right as you unsheath it and write with an undefinable elegance, and clients will be impressed. Don Draper wasn’t sipping whisky on the rocks and signing cheques with a blunt pencil, now was he? Indeed, they don’t call them ‘executive pens’ for nothing.


Laptop bags were for many years reliably, resolutely clumsy looking, prone to dust and disformity. Fortunately, the catwalk has caught on, and their ubiquity can now be considered a fashion accessory in its own right. Indeed, a stylish, refined laptop bag or dedicated tote can bring that sense of a professional moving with purpose, without looking too stuffy or formal. 


Plastic water bottles carry so much weight now, indicative of climate change denying boomers and the willfully ignorant. Though the investment is minimal, the message is clear; by carrying a reusable water bottle, you are an active member of conscientious society. This image holds a lot of sway in the newly caring corporate world. Fortunately, for those with only aesthetic concerns in mind, reusable water bottles are now being designed to look super cool, with ceramic models in matte finishes becoming a celebrity accessory in recent years. 

So, you’ve accessorised without being overly showy, and you’re going to breeze into your next luxury business client meeting with the confidence of someone who understands the value of understatement. Don’t forget us when you get that promotion, hey?