From peace and tranquility, to nonstop partying and entertainment, beaches in Singapore have a lot to offer. Here’s a look at the 5 best beaches in Singapore that are loved by tourists and Singaporeans alike.

Palawan Beach

Located on the world famous Sentosa Island Resort this beach is completely designed on the theme of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. The beach has beam towers, treasure chests, pirate ship, and a rope bridge, connecting to a small island. You can walk this bridge or simply walk or swim across to the island. The prime feature of the island are the beach bars that open mid-day – from then on, it’s party time.

Tanjong Beach

Another beach that is a part of the Sentosa Island, the Tanjong Beach, is a man-made wonder. Crescent in shape, and dotted with palm trees, this beach is an out an out party destination. If you are in the mood to groove at the beach, make a beeline for Tanjong Beach.

Changi Beach

If you are in Singapore with your family, this is the place to be. Located in mainland Singapore, Changi Beach has many wonderful trails that attracts walkers and fitness fanatics alike. The beach is great for picnics and has barbecue pits that anyone can use.

Punnggol Beach

This quiet beach is peppered with boulders, which make for a great site at sunset. If you are tired of crowds, and just want to be left alone on the beach, find your way to Punggol Beach.

Lazarus Island

If you want to truly enjoy your Singapore holiday, then you must head to Lazarus Island. Singapore has many sub islands, and Lazarus island is one of them. This tropical beach with white sand and clear blue water is also connected to tropical forests full of unique flora and fauna. Just a short visit to the island won’t do. Tourists can stay at the St. John’s Island, and walk across the concrete bridge to Lazarus Island – Lazarus Island is truly worth your time.

Author: Akshay Koranne is professional travel blogger, who loves travel across the world. Specially Asian countries like UAE, Singapore , Maldives. He likes to share the travel experiences through blogging. Apart from this, he likes sports like cricket and badminton.