The beauty world is going crazy for  Ruby Red’s Natural Botanical range – Vogue even named this natural skincare brand as a ‘must have’ product. The question is why? Well, Ruby Red are all about natural plant ingredients that actively improve your skin’s appearance.

They say their “products are rich in potent plant nutrients and vitamins combined with therapeutic aromatic blends which have been developed to work in harmony with the skin to improve texture, hydration and radiance of the skin, keeping it looking naturally healthy and glowing.”

Because of all the buzz surrounding this new found cult beauty brand, we asked Martine Burford, Founder of Ruby Red to share her top tips for a glowing body …

Ruby Red’s simple steps to radiant skin…..


Try to use a gentle body cleanser or shower gel with natural ingredients as harsh soaps can strip your skin of moisture which will result in dry, flaky skin.
Pick one with an uplifting fragrance to get you going in the morning and something warmer and more soothing for the evening to help you relax.
You can also further protect your skin by showering in warm water – shower too hot and the heat actually result in allowing moisture to escape from your skin.

Treat your skin

Once a week, exfoliate in the shower – your skin will thank you for it by looking brighter and feeling softer.  Removing dead skin that is dull or flaky will create instant radiance and it also means that your body lotion will be absorbed better.


Night time is when our skin repairs and renews itself the most. Ensure you get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night for optimal skin rejuvenation.

Moisturise your body as well as your face

Dry skin needs lots of moisture, allow the heat of your hands to warm your body lotion or cream and then massage into the body in a circular motion until it’s well absorbed – it will help to stimulate your circulation as well as softening your skin.


The one rule that can’t be stressed enough – it’s essential to drink lots of water, especially when exercising to help keep you hydrated from the inside too!

Remember that healthy skin renews itself every 14 to 30 days so by encouraging this renewal process your skin will be better able to retain moisture and also produce more collagen making your skin look and feel more radiant!

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