The average house price in the UK now stands at £229,431. Though this sounds enough to buy you a castle, the property market appears a little bleak right now in the UK. In fact, this figure may get you just a studio flat in and around London, or a two bed flat in Manchester and if you’re really lucky a three bed house with a garden in Birmingham.  

This got us wondering, what would a similar amount (say $250k) buy you in some iconic capital cities around the world?  Are there other cities globally where affordability of house prices and leading a quality lifestyle can go confidently hand-in-hand. Since you’re here, you probably already know the answer, but we’ll say it anyway for posterity’s sake. It’s a yes, of course. From European hotspots to far-flung destinations, with the help of Vivid doors, here are 5 IDEAL capital cities where you can get more bang for your buck.


We love Bangkok. The mega metropolis is all things to all people, managing to be both sophisticated and rugged, and all things in between. You can be anyone here – get lost and lose yourself, or show off and flaunt – in Thailand’s capital, you can have it all. 

While $250 grand will afford just a 1-2 bedroom apartment, that apartment is going to be pretty darn nice. It’ll more than likely be situated in a condo with luxury facilities such as a gym and pool; modern, well appointed, with security and amenities to boot. Moreover, the cost of living in Bangkok is low, good food is cheap and eating out is common. Indeed, some of the best dishes you’ll find are on the street or even in a shopping mall for pennies. There’s so much to say about eating in Bangkok, in fact, that we’ve created a guide on it here. Check it out! 


On the flipside of tight, compact Bangkok living, you’ll get plenty of space in Marrakech, Morocco, for $250k. Indeed, it wouldn’t be outrageous to expect a 4-5 bedroom home for that kind of money. So, why here? Well, with a rich and varied culture, a cuisine of heady, hearty deliciousness and landscapes, Morocco’s most iconic city is sure to leave you breathless. 

How about the country as a whole? From the mountains and the Atlas oasis through the long beaches of the Atlantic coast, to the fortified cities, Hollywood film sets and immensely hospitable towns and villages, in Morocco there truly is something for everyone.  And Marrakech is the perfect launchpad to get amongst the rest of the country; both the beaches to the west and mountains to the east are just a few hour’s drive away. Move here and see for yourself.


Venture out into the Canberra suburbs and $250k will land you a 2-3 bed townhouse; not bad going at all in the land under. The Aussies have a laid back way of life that you’d certainly enjoy, and an average salary of $42,872 per annum in the city will make for that good work/life balance that the locals cherish so dearly. 

Known as Australia’s cultural centre, you can take the opportunity here to reconnect with the invention and creativity of the human mind. Currently running at the National Gallery of Australia is a collection of pre-Raphaelite masterpieces lent by the Tate (ending in late April). Exhibitions of Monet’s impressionist best, and an exploration of Picasso and Matisse’s relationship, run until September 2019 and April 2020 respectively. Better move quick sharp if you’re to catch both.


In Moscow, you can get a 4-5 bedroom for that quarter of a million figure which has been doing the rounds on this article. So, cast the usual, causal stereotypes aside, and Russia’s capital reveals itself to be a megacity of great majesty. Of staggering modernity juxtaposed with a historic, humble core, and that magical blend of the unfamiliar and the intimate. The city also acts as a gateway to much of Eastern Europe and Asia.

While getting used to the chilly weather may be challenging at first, you’ll be rewarded by a city that is rich in history and tradition. You’ll find wonderful public spaces in Moscow, which have been and are continuing to be transformed as part of the ‘My Street’ Urban renewal program. And it’s not all snow and sour beef stews as summer’s in Moscow reach temperatures of 35C, a time when the cities parks and public spaces really come into their own.  


A bit of an anomaly for a European capital, but your money will stretch pretty far if you choose to buy in Rome. Indeed, you can get a 2-3 bedroom villa or semi-detached house for that $250 grand which has been burning a hole in your pocket.

With a history spanning several millennia, since its inception, Rome has been a prominent political and cultural centre of both the old and new world. Wouldn’t you like to be in the middle of it, too? As such, the city is home to a treasure trove of intricate, ancient architecture and historical intrigue that attracts millions of tourists each year. And before you bid you adieu (hang on, that’s French), a quick mention for your new diet; spaghetti carbonara, cacio e pepe, pizza al taglio…it’s all here, all affordable and all set to become a staple. Bliss.