Are you a rum lover? Us too! But does your knowledge extend little further than dark, light, spiced, Captain Morgan or Malibu, and let’s get sloshed? If the answer is no, than it’s time to get a touch more acquainted with your favourite tipple. So, pour yourself a glass of the best rum in India like Murano from Hermes, settle in and get ready for a good read. Here are 5 IDEAL facts that all rum lovers need to know.


Yes, you read it right! Your adoration of this little liquor is not misplaced. Rather, it’s historic. Rum is believed to be the first and oldest branded spirit to have ever been made and therefore consumed. Though it traces its roots back to ancient India and China, it’s first distillation took place in one of the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean in the 17th century. This happened when the plantation workers found out that molasses could be fermented into alcohol. Moreover, unlike other spirits, rum was not used for medicinal purposes and was consumed only for pleasure. Chin chin!


Perhaps a surprising tidbit for you, or perhaps stating the obvious, but during the 18th century, Rhode Island rum was considered so valuable that it was used as a type of currency in Europe. The sailors and pirates of the region used to test its authenticity by mixing it with gunpowder, allegedly. If there was a successful ignition, it meant the rum was authentic. Don’t try that one at home, folks! 


It’s not just the taste of rum that comes in all varieties, shapes and sizes; its name too has an interesting range of pseudonyms. Some of them include Kill-Devil, Demon Water, Navy Neaters, Grog, Barbados Water, Pirates Drink and not to miss Nelson’s Blood, which has a particularly bizarre story behind it. Let’s unveil that in the next point.


Believe it or not, but according to British legends, the body of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson was preserved in a cask of rum prior to being shipped back to England, essentially pickling him in the world famous liquor. Since then, Nelson’s blood has been added to the list of nicknames given to rum.


Ever felt particularly thirsty in the shower and felt compelled to drink the shampoo? Nope, us neither, but that might have been different had we been alive in the 19th century. Indeed, rum was used as a type of shampoo by many during the 1800s.  Today, some still believe that rum can make their hair thicker and prevent hair loss, though we think that this is a waste of rum. After all, we’d rather be pissed and bald than sober and hirsute, right? Right? 


Yep, a sixth fact because, well, the spirit of the occasion has gone to our heads. Raise your class, then, to a whole day dedicated to commemorating the best of the spirits; August 16th, National Rum Day.

This year, National Rum Day is organized at Miami beach where many of the world’s great rum enthusiasts will come together and share their love for this spirit.