When it comes to getting your voice heard within the confines of a niche industry, most marketers are well aware of the fact that it is anything but easy. And of course, the more specific the message, the more difficult it can be to reach a target audience.

Having said that, such a situation can be turned to your advantage, with less competitors meaning greater demand for supply and customers willing to listen more attentively and pay more.

From doing your research thoroughly from the very start to knowing how to use promotional gifts in the best possible way, there are many unique ways to get your message across with optimum clarity. So whether you’re dealing with promotional gifts in Manchester or hyper localised branding on an island (population: 1) in the Hebrides, this advice is for you; our 5 IDEAL marketing tips for niche businesses. 


This should go without saying but we’ll say it nonetheless; you need to know your target niche market inside out for best results. You simply can’t afford to be lazy while researching your specific target market when the pool of people willing to spend their pounds is, by definition, slimmer. The aspect of segmentation is crucial since the smaller your market, the better you have to know all of your customers across the board. Simples.


This may sound like underlining the obvious, but in the case of a niche product, it certainly goes a lot deeper than that. Ask yourself questions like “What is my USP?” and “How is my product fulfilling a need that is not being met by my peers in the market?”. Hence, it is essential that you think about your customer first, as once their needs are met, their loyalty is more likely.


This basically means that you need to rethink the way you spread the word about your business. This includes thoroughly analysing the potential ROI of your marketing strategies in order to ensure that not only are you reaching out to your target audience, but the manner in which you do it is cost effective and time efficient, too. Social media advertising may work better for you than you think, for instance, or a more organic, word-of-mouth manner could be the ideal fit for you. Consider all options, and leave nothing off the table. And when designing your ads make sure you are proficient in facebook ad design


This cannot be stressed enough. Since it is a niche product, the aspect of a paid search is essential. PPC is a perfect fit for particular niche market campaigns. Not only do you get your message directly to the right people, but you can also optimise your campaigns for mobile users too.


An aspect all too often overlooked, we think. So importantly though, you most certainly need to know what your competitors are up to at all times if you want to stay ahead. Not only will it give you a good insight into where you stand, but you’ll be able to take future decisions much more efficiently too. 

Certain software tools such as WordStream Advisor, Adbeat and the like can go a long way in offering valuable insights into the particular marketing strategies of your competitors. And that includes figuring out exactly who your customers, and competitors, are. This is the case with majority of Global Merchandise Stores that offer products with a niche or limited appeal. So do remember to keep this particular aspect in mind at all times.