February’s unseasonably warm bout of T-shirt weather has got us thinking. One, about the impending doom our planet faces unless we change our collective habits. And two, a little more mundanely, about our garden’s readiness for spending some time in the spring sunshine.

In terms of last year’s trends, 2018 saw artificial grass, decking and upcycling take centre stage. This year looks to be a little different. So, with the help of plastic decking specialists, Arbordeck here are 5 IDEAL garden trends of 2019  


‘Going out’ is getting a serious makeover this year. With food and beverage prices set to soar, pubs and bars closing with frightening prolificacy and restaurants struggling to stay afloat, entertaining at home is where it’s at.

So, while you might think of a fire pit as being an expensive addition to your space, it’s an investment if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the garden this year. What’s more, they’re not actually all that expensive, with mini pits selling for as little as £25. Aside from the functional provision of heat, they’re also a great party focal point and conversation starter. And should you wish to remain silent, you can just enigmatically stare into the flames until they peter out.


As any restaurant worth its Maldon sea salt continues to extol the virtues of hyper-local, hyper-seasonal dining, home cooks are starting to follow this trend more strictly, too. This spells great things for garden spaces (and dinner plates, too). Expect to see even more raised beds of fresh produce – as well as window sills packed with fresh herbs – cropping up in even the smallest garden space in 2019. Just remember to pay close attention to the seasons to determine both the best time to plant and the best time to eat your produce.


Wallpaper outdoors may seem a bit of a controversial call; after all, it’s going to get pretty dirty isn’t it? But, it can help bolster your area and bring it to life, adding a unique edge you won’t see in many other domestic outdoor spaces. You can stay on trend and match your paper to your surroundings (mouldy shade colour, anyone?) or you let your personality shine through and dazzle your guests with outlandish prints.


Landscape specialists the Rich brothers believe that smart lighting is about to illuminate the garden scene once again, as we continue to value ambience over practical concerns. The duo suggests positioning lights against trees so they create an uplight effect often seen in spas and well-designed hotel suites. In the garden space, it serves to draw your attention to a specific area of the garden that you wish to highlight.


If you’ve got ample garden space, you might be tempted to follow this slightly implausible trend. We’ve all heard of the ‘man cave’ and ‘she shed’, but 2019 is set to be the year of the adult treehouse. We love a getaway and a little escapism, and if you have an area that allows it, then why not create a safe space to escape to when the world gets a little too much? Indeed ‘what goes on in the adult treehouse, stays in the adult treehouse’ may be our mantra for the coming year.