Leave those preconceptions at the forecourt; not all petrolheads fit the stereotype of a Saxondale-esque figure or some reactionary oafs off Amazon Prime. Indeed, people from all walks of life (well, perhaps ‘walks’ isn’t the right word) find great enjoyment in their car, preferring to spend their weekends either caressing it in the drive under hot, soapy suds, or by exploring the open road, with the windows rolled down and the Springsteen on full blast. 

If you have someone in your life who loves their vehicle more than they do you, and they have a special day approaching, why not surprise them with a gift dedicated to their beloved four wheels? We’re here to help with the decision making; our 5 IDEAL gifts for car enthusiasts.


Here’s a heads up; if you want to keep up to date with the latest gadgets, among the very latest tech you buy is a Head-Up Display. This innovative gadget allows a driver to view their important information, such as the speed and navigation, without having to look away from the windscreen at any point. James Bond, eat your heart out.

Indeed, an HUD is an ideal way to beat distractions while driving, making sure that all you need is in front of your eyes, with most standard HUDs working by projecting from a device onto the windscreen when it’s placed on the dashboard. While newer cars are now coming equipped with this technology, should you prefer to drive a vintage model, you can purchase a device to adapt your vehicle. What’s more, they aren’t too expensive and can be connected to your iPhone using AirPlay or your Android using Google Cast. 


Yep, we understand we said four wheels, but the open road can sometimes feel even more freewheelin’ on two. It’s for this reason that purchasing a professional motorcycle course could be the ideal gift for that petrolhead in your life. A course with Watford motorcycles Avsco Bike Courses, for instance, will help them get to grips with the ins and outs of riding a bike, whether it’s for the first time or a refresher session after years away from the pedals.

To join a motorcycle course, applicants will need a valid driving licence which permits them to ride a motorbike and safety clothing, which includes a helmet, motorcycle jacket, gloves and waterproof trousers. Much like learning to drive a car for the first time, it’s possible to learn to drive either an automatic bike or a manual. Make sure your loved one is aware of the differences before they get started on the course. In the long run these courses can help with multiple other aspects, even the financial ones. For example, if they’re looking to work their way up to a performance bike, superbike insurance can be made cheaper as the experience counts for a lot.


It’s only natural to worry about loved ones on the road, particularly when their personality is somewhat defined by their love of putting the pedal to the metal. To make sure they’re safe and out of trouble, consider investing in a dashcam. This device has significantly grown in popularity over the past few years as it enables drivers to have a record of what occurs while they’re driving, meaning any accidents can be settled quickly by having evidence on hand. Not only do dash cams help in the event of an insurance claim, but in some cases, insurance companies will actually lower the cost of your insurance should you have one installed, as it’s reported that dashcams make those behind the wheel drive safer. 


There’s nothing more frustrating in the morning than trying to leave the house in a rush, only to find you’ve misplaced your keys. That’s where a key finder comes into its own. With modern technology, you can connect the device – usually no bigger than a key fob – to an app on your phone, allowing you to locate your keys quickly and easily. A popular model even plays a distinctive tune when you get closer to your keys to help guide you to the exact location. Wow! No longer will your loved one be running up and down the stairs hoping the keys magically appear before they are late for work. And what better gift can you give (to yourself, too) than that?


Those truly in love with the road may well already have this hidden away in the boot. If not, however, a portable power bank makes for an incredibly handy and thoughtful gift. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere awaiting a tow truck, so gift your loved one with this and ensure they can restart their car, wherever they are. 

Today’s portable power banks can also be handy for charging your phone should you run out of juice while out driving, or even charge your laptop on a business trip away. This particular present may be a bit more pricey, but in this instance, investing more money is certainly worth it. Look for one which is easily rechargeable, as well, so your car-loving loved one can keep it fully ready at all times.  

Perhaps the petrolhead in your life has recently developed a climate related conscience? Peak their interest with these; our 5 IDEAL hybrid and electric car questions answered.