I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. And if those screams are louder than ever this festive season, turning into demands for a Christmas full of dairy deliciousness, then help is at hand. Because this year, it seems there are more options than ever for lovers of the frozen stuff. In the name of research, we’ve made our own, scooped our own, and tried everyone else’s, looking for the best ice cream gifts around. Whether you’re looking for gifts for men, women or kiddywinks who are ice cream obsessed, these are those; our 5 IDEAL gifts to give an ice cream lover this christmas.


If you’ve been watching professional Masterchef recently and have marvelled at those perfectly rounded, structurally inscrutable scoops of ice cream they present so effortlessly, then you’re probably wondering just how they do it? Well, that’s no normal spoon they’re using, let me tell you. More likely, it’s a modern innovation in ice cream serving; a warming scoop, complete with thermo conductive handle, like this one from the guys over at Cool Material. 


You know how the old saying goes; give a man an ice cream and you feed him for a day, teach him to make ice cream, and you feed him for a lifetime. Or something like that. So, short of gifting ice cream making lessons (which actually sound pretty great too), why not buy an ice cream maker for a loved one this year? Essentially, they’re divided into two types, the manual version, which requires you to freeze the bowl prior to use, and a fully automatic machine, which doesn’t. Though the former saves space, the latter is easier to use and creates a much better ice cream. Check out this guide to 9 of the best ice cream makers on the market right now. 


When just one flavour isn’t enough. This year, a gift of an ice cream tour, taking in five of London’s best gelaterias and twenty (yes, 20!) ice cream flavours, could be the perfect present for that ice cream lover in your life. Chocolate Ecstasy Tours take you on a two and half hour stroll of central London in search of the best stuff in the city, as well as milkshakes, sorbets and the rest. Bring your appetite and a childlike enthusiasm and this might be the most fun you have all winter.


Pharrel Williams is a man of many talents. A recent addition to his portfolio is being one of the world’s leading purveyors of ice cream based clothing. Indeed, a selection of t-shirts and running jeans adorned with images of cream and cone can be found within his Billionaire Boys Club clothing line. Because if we’re not proudly wearing an item of clothing stained with melted ice cream, we at least want a picture of the good stuff somewhere on our body.


Though it might melt wrapped under the tree over night, giving the gift of actual, delicious ice cream this Christmas shouldn’t be overlooked. Yep, Ben & Jerry’s, one of the world’s finest and most famous ice cream producers, offer tub delivery all over the capital, with a guarantee of structural integrity on arrival. How you choose to present the tub once it’s in your hands is up to you; perhaps with Christmas card coded directions to the freezer? Anyway, happy eating and Happy Christmas to all!