Hey, with the festive season approaching, a little predictable disclaimer first; a pet is for life, not just for Christmas. With that out the way, let’s spare a moment’s thought for the animal lovers out there who can’t even stroke a dog or cat, let alone frolic with one, without breaking out in a rash and sneezing until tomorrow. But allergies and sensitivities needn’t equate to a life spent without the joy of having pets in your life and home. Indeed, some animals are far less likely to set off a reaction than others. These are those; our 5 IDEAL home pets for people with allergies. 


Popular wisdom recommends that bald cats are most appropriate for feline loving allergy sufferers, but there is one breed which defies this logic; the Balinese cat. This graceful, elegant cat with piercing blue eyes has a long, silky coat in beige or off white and a distinguishing plumed tail. In general, they have a peaceful temperament but are also vocal, as if wanting to converse with their owners. Though not totally hypoallergenic, the Balinese cat produces way less of allergy causing protein Fel D1 (which is actually found in a cat’s saliva and sebaceous glands, rather than fur), and is a popular choice for pet lovers also prone to allergic reactions.


Sure, we’ve all heard stories of the appalling reactions caused by shellfish allergies, but in terms of pets, there really is no greater choice for allergy sufferers than fish. Experts agree that this is the most hypoallergenic pet choice by some margin. And the reasons are obvious; firstly, you’re not exactly snuggling up to this guy; neither of you would enjoy it, we think. Also, they’re surrounded by water (duh!), rendering any allergy causing elements confined to their tank, which by the way, the good guys over at Aquael Aquarium UK supply affordably.


Okay, so the only, truly, guaranteed hypoallergenic pets are those who don’t shed hair, fur or dander. But you want your pet to be cute, right? Well, a turtle fits the bill perfectly.  They’re also an animal with some serious longevity, lasting fifty years or more when cared for properly. Yep, this one really is for life, not just for Christmas. Though they won’t bring you out in a rash or sneezing fit, it’s important that you wash your hands after handling turtles, as they can carry salmonella.


Furry, sure. Cute? Perhaps not. But this is one ‘furry’ pet which won’t provoke any allergies in sufferers; they don’t produce that Fel D1 protein we keep mentioning. They are, indeed, totally and completely hypoallergenic. Unless, of course, you count their venom if they nip at you, which equates roughly to a bee sting in pain, but will occur very rarely and never without prior warning.


Who can resist those puppy dog eyes? Yep, not even a serious allergy sufferer can. And cue the sneezing and red eyes from here on in. But within the canine field, some dogs produce more of that pesky protein Fel D1 we mentioned earlier than others. Though their trademark coat requires plenty of attention and often professional grooming, they have non-shedding coats, in turn producing less dander, which carries that Fel D1. A smart choice for those allergy sufferers who simply can’t live without having a furry friend at home.