If there’s a more underrated, undervalued space in the house, we haven’t found it. Indeed, the basement is an area which could be used for so much more than storing ‘stuff’ and hiding dead bodies. We accept that some require a lot of work to bring that up to standard. Others, though, need little more than a bit of plasterboard, perhaps some new flooring and a deep clean to bring them from dark and dingy to the eminently usable in no time. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Updweller, a great renovation and remodeling resource, to bring you these; our 5 IDEAL ideas for repurposing your basement.


If you love to have company, or to go out for drinks but don’t love the prices, then it might just be time for you to turn your basement into a bar. Installing some drinks fridges for beers and wines, optics for spirits and a little bar seating is the only commitment really required to turn your space into something truly inviting for the barflies. Shelving and, of course, an actual ‘bar’ is also going to be essential, but you can find reclaimed bars online on the cheap. Quirky additions that you would typically find in a bar like bright wall art, signed photos and other collectables add a personal touch too. 


Great for people who love watching films or binge-watching Netflix on rainy weekends, this. You’ll need to have a sturdy wall to fit a large flatscreen, but picking up a second hand one is possible. Beanbags will emphasise that low and lazy feel, and you won’t have to add too much in terms of lighting because the focus will always be on the screen. 

Bear in mind that a home entertainment system is nothing without crisp, immersive sound. Though the emphasis is so often placed on visual clarity, it’s amazing what a clear sonic environment can do to your viewing experience. When it comes to sound, there are generally two main options: 5.1 surround sound and 2.1 surround sound. The former means you’ll need five additional speakers spread out around the room while the second calls for just two. To go layman on you, in a smaller space, two speakers do the trick perfectly but in a large room designed specifically as an entertainment space or dedicated completely to film watching, a 5:1 will do that dedication justice.


If you play an instrument, then chances are high that you’ve always wanted your own studio. The basement is the ideal place as it’s below ground and therefore less likely to impact on neighbours noise wise. That said, soundproofing is a must to optimize the quality of both vocal and instrument recordings; thick carpets will help to dampen any sound bouncing around the room, and remember to do the ceiling too. 


If you already enjoy going to the gym or practising yoga then having something in your own home is going to save loads on those gym fees, not to mention a freedom from having to share the showers after each session. Result, unless that’s your thing, of course. The good news is that you needn’t splash the cash too enthusiastically on lots of fancy gym equipment. In fact, we’ve written more about affordable, space saving home workouts here; check it out!


If you work from home, or take your work home with you, then no doubt you’re craving a home office space. Basements do tend to be on the darker side, but there are ways to brighten the space up, so don’t let that darken your productivity. Once you’ve got things looking light and airy, and assuming you’ve already got a computer and desk set up, then it’s time to focus on the finer details. 

Seeing as procrastination is the antithesis of home office productivity, then it’s wise to equip yourself with the necessities to avoid constant trips upstairs. Indeed, in and amongst all those delaying tactics, one stands head and shoulders above all others; making a cup of something hot and refreshing. According to research, British workers rack up over 100 hours per year making tea, coffee and other drinks. A separate piece of research suggests we lose up to half an hour each day making hot drinks. A hot water tap will greatly reduce the amount of time we spend standing around, waiting for the kettle to boil. If productivity is the aim, it’s a no brainer.

A trustworthy, sturdy printer is another must have in the home office, saving the hassle (and incremental financial burden) of having to go and print fax or make copies of documents outside. You can usually find deals on office printers if you check online and in local stores, so there’s likely no need to splash out full whack on a brand spanking new one. When buying a printer, be sure to check that it’s Bluetooth compatible so that you can print from different devices with ease; super handy for those home offices without a fully fledged tech support team behind them.