Though the sunshine and good times are resolutely, stubbornly still with us (not that we’re complaining), the rain and the cold are finally set to descend come the weekend. But let’s look on the metaphorical bright side. The new season welcomes in heartier meals using some of the finest British produce around. The cooler, darker nights give us all an excuse to stay in, on the sofa, after months of excess and partying. And, the hues and shades of the season make for some of the most interesting, warming fashion and design. Inside the home, that can make for a very cosy vibe indeed. Channel it, with these; our 5 IDEAL interior design tips for autumn.


Hang on. That sounds a bit weird. But let’s face it; it all starts here. Hmm, that sounds a bit weird too. Anyway, you want the threshold of your house (and the first impression it gives off) to be in tune with the seasons. Treat your front door as a blank canvas for each season; adaptable, ever changing and always in focus. As such, you should consider a lick of new paint at the very least as autumn arrives. An earthy, autumnal green looks just great at the entrance to your house, as does a dark red, we think. If this seems like a little too much work, deploy a seasonal wreath to bring a similar ushering in of the new season effect without quite the same degree of hassle. We’d recommend something including pinecones, pumpkins and the colours of nature.


The temptation can be strong once the sun has set on summer to abandon your garden until it reemerges for spring. You’ll be spending less time there, and things will be getting messy with all the fallen leaves, so why not simply shut your eyes and ignore it? Don’t be that guy. Your autumn garden still has plenty to give. Install an outdoor heater or chiminea wood burner and make it a pleasant space to luxuriate in. 

What’s more, autumn is one of the best times to sow new seeds and keep things looking lush and nurtured. Some shrubs will give instant impact if planted now, and will benefit wild birds and other visitors to your garden. Cotoneasters are a great choice here, as are scarlet berries. If you’re thinking of a planting a tree, think beyond spring blossom. Sorbus and malus both have colourful fruits that provide winter food a little later down the line for birds.


Bringing both texture and warmth to your house for autumn is a must, not only because temperatures will be dropping faster than you can say ‘fall’, but also as indoor aesthetics start to take more precedent during the shorter days and longer nights. Anything from new cushions in autumnal hues to thick, fluffy bedspreads and throws can give the requisite feel and ambience you’re after. 

Practically and aesthetically, the emergence of autumn should coincide with you warming your room. It’s time to get cosy, and this all starts with layering up the windows, the bed and more. If you’ve deployed simple blackout blinds all summer in an attempt to keep out that 4am sunrise, now is the time to reintroduce curtains. This serves to add warmth to the room physically, and visually, it feels more comforting, too. If these curtains can harness the hues of the season, all the better; you can find ready made curtains for sale online, which takes out the hard work and leaves you to focus on the finer details. It’s also time to dust off that thicker duvet and perhaps add an extra throw to the end of your bed. Don’t fight it; the cold nights are coming.


You could heap praise on autumn for its clear-as-glass branding, such is the strength of its colour association. Auburn, maroon, dark green and orange…earthy, rich shades take precedent as the season shifts and we’re well and truly here for a change after summer’s never-ending orgy of bright yellow.

The way you introduce these new tones is up to you; we wouldn’t recommend repainting with abandon. As time marches on, seasons are fleeting and it’s one hell of an ask to be changing your home’s colour scheme that often. You can, however, bring in throws and cushion covers of the requisite colour,  as well as placing some carefully chosen trinkets which evoke those hues, too. Perhaps not a rotting pumpkin in the corner, but you catch our gist.


Channeling the energy of autumn ought to extend far beyond the visual appeal of your house; you can exploit all the senses here, and smell plays a huge role in bringing that warm, comforting hug of the season into your domestic space. 

Whether it’s the smell of burning wood, the scent of pinecones or the aroma of cinnamon lattes wafting through the air, it’s easy to make your house smell like autumn. Candles are the obvious go-to, but they’re not the only vehicle for improved autumnal aroma; diffusers, popery and incense can all do their bit, too. In terms of succinct scents of the season, early Christmas spices work well as well as fruits which are emerging at this time of year, such as apple, plum and blackberries. Walnut and hazelnut are equally as evocative of autumn, and give off a fantastic aroma to boot.

Another wonderful way to add the aroma of autumn to your home is with a simmer pot; simply bring a pan of water to a boil and add couple of cinnamon sticks, ginger, a clove of nutmeg and whatever else takes your fancy. Then, lower the heat to a gentle simmer and let the scent infuse your home – just be sure to check the pot every now and again to make sure there’s enough water in it.