Oktoberfest; everyone’s heard of it right? Perhaps you’ve even been lucky enough to attend this two week extravaganza of beers, bratwurst and Bavaria. But if you haven’t, fear not; you don’t actually need to board a plane to Germany to experience the festival up close and personal – London now offers plenty of places to celebrate the annual Bavarian beer festival in style. These are those; our 5 IDEAL places to celebrate Oktoberfest in London this year.


Perhaps channeling the most authentic Oktoberfest feeling in town, the Octoberfest Pub offers a slice of Bavaria all year round but things get especially rowdy at this time of year, as you’d hope for a pub with that name. Offering more than 60 imported German beers and proper Bavarian comfort food – our favourites include the white veal sausage ‘weisswurst’ and the famous ‘schweinshaxe’ pork knuckle – the celebrations get ramped up from September until December to take in both the festival and the run up to Christmas which this part of the world does so well.


Back by popular demand and taking place over two fun-filled weekends, Pop Brixton welcomes guests with a hefty dose of steins and nibbles from the world of wurst  – even offering vegan bratwursts and vegetarian schnitzels for those who balk at that much pork. Dancing on the tables isn’t obligatory, but you certainly won’t be turfed out for doing so.


Located next to Borough market, Katzenjammers is perhaps our favourite Bavarian bar.  An all year round affair, its vaulted basement plays home to a bierhall with all the singing, dancing and games which that title entails. There are nine draught biers to choose from, served in the requisite steins of course, and plenty of bottled biers too if that all gets a little heavy for you. This place also showcases a selection of German Austiran wines, too.  


The official Camden Oktoberfest is one of the largest celebrations of its kind in London, welcoming thousands of lederhosen lovers each year for the mayhem. This year they’re partnering up with Herman Ze German as the exclusive food partner, and we’re certainly here for their awesome currywurst. Expect to see Camden’s Electric Ballroom transformed into a traditional Bavarian beer hall, complete with long wood tables and bunting. Music is by The Old Dirty Brasstards, a 10 piece drum and brass band playing oompah favorites.


If the autumn weather is putting you off travelling (and we don’t blame you; it’s getting pretty windy out there) then why not throw your own Bavarian bonanza? Traditionally held outside, consider creating your own beer tent in your back garden for this one. Ideally you’ll need a long, single unit wooden table, but fold away tables with blue and white (the Bavarian flag colours) checked table cloths will suffice.  

Must have foods include pretzel and weisswurst with sweet mustard. When it comes to beer, try and get your hands on a German brew, and remember that stein glasses are pretty much compulsory. If you do run out of beer (you will run out of beer), no problem; Drinks House 247, who take orders for alcohol delivery late by phone or via their website, can bring reinforcements. They deliver across the main parts of London and offer a life-saving collection of beers, spirits, ciders, and even cigarettes. When you’re running dry and don’t want to go outside, they’re ideal