OK, so the start of June didn’t exactly live up to expectations weather wise, but the sun scorched Glastonbury, and Wimbledon is set to be equally blessed. Yep, summer has truly arrived and it’s time to get into the swing of things.

Often, when you think of the best elements of summer, it’s the scents of the season that come to mind; freshly cut grass, flowers in bloom, even summer rain showers. You know the sort. With that in mind, and with the skies outside ever unpredictable, you’ll want to make sure that your scented candle and diffuser game is on point for the coming months. Here are 5 IDEAL scented candles for summer.


Floral scents of course make sense (sorry) for summer. Use the likes of geranium, rose and neroli as daytime boosters to augment and enhance any fresh flowers you have in the home and provide a gentle and light ambience. Classic white florals work really well; think jasmine, magnolia and gardenia for best effect. A big newcomer you’ll be smelling a lot of this season is frangipani; a creamy and floral offering that will give you a warm summer evening vibe and a long-lasting scent.


A sweet tropical like ylang ylang always goes down well, make no mistake. Containing the same compound used as the base for Ambre Solaire sun cream, and as such evoking some serious nostalgia of childhood summer holidays, its sweet florals are reminiscent of sepia soaked times gone by. Lovely stuff.


There are an abundance of classic herbal oils which channel the scents of the summer garden succinctly. Relaxing lavender, woody rosemary and sedative roman chamomile are perfect all-day tone setters and combine well with all sorts of other fragrances. Here harmonising is the watchword. Lavender, particularly, will support a good sleep on a balmy summer night.


On the flipside, the revitalising tones of peppermint are a must have for the summer period. One of the more prominent and noticeable scents to use, there’s a lot of value in the cooling sensations it offers, bringing an energised feeling to help you take on the day ahead.


Citrus is made for summer, make no mistake. Its bright, colourful and lively nature is captured in its scents, with its versatility made for matching your mood.

Anything from the orange family, like sweet orange, blood orange, mandarin or tangerine, will give an uplifting effect that will harness the power the sunshine to your advantage. While traditionally more upbeat in their deliver, you can use the likes of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot to offer more cooling aromas. In fact, lemon-scented oils contain citronella, which is useful for keeping those pesky mosquitos at bay. Citrus scents marry particularly well with conifer oils, such as cypress and juniper berry, to create fresh and stimulating fragrances.