New year, old you? Though January was full of purpose and plants, fitness and sobriety, old habits die hard, as they say. Yep, if you’re anything like us, they’ve started creeping in now that the year’s in full swing. 

Let’s put it this way; there are no quick fixes. Though there are products out there which promise you the perfect body, and supplements that help you on the road to achieving the physique of your dreams, most experts at working out will tell you that no single supplement will help unless you incorporate it into a good work out regimen. There’s no magic formula here, just dedication and devotion. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL steps to hitting your fitness goals this year.


Finding an exercise regimen that works for you is vital in keeping the motivation alive. That said, it’s certainly not easy; experts will tell you that we all have different bodies and there’s no one size fits all kind of workout. They’d be right. In our experience, the best results come from mixing and matching workouts that will help you reach your goal. This stops you getting bored and distracted, and ensures things remain diverse and interesting. Though it’s an expense, a personal trainer provides the perfect guidance, curating a lively, varied regimen that will keep you on your toes.


This thing is not going to happen overnight; it will take time and dedication. Ignore those routines which promise a six-pack in six days, or words to that effect. A toned physique takes time, discipline and persistence, with results occurring before you start seeing them. As such, try not to be defined by the aesthetics of the workout process. Instead, cherish the physical changes for making you stronger, brighter, more confident and fitter. This is a more sustainable way to approach things, we think.


You can chain yourself to the treadmill and spend more time on the bench than you do in bed, but if your diet isn’t right, so much of that hard work will be wasted. Extreme eating (or abstinence from it) isn’t going to help you hit any fitness goals; instead, it’ll put your body in a state of shock which simply isn’t sustainable. Instead, approach eating in a healthy, wholesome way for best results. Check out our article on 6 IDEAL ways to stick to a healthy diet for more on the matter.


Sometimes, the road to achieving those fitness and physique goals can be a long and lonely one, and this can hinder motivation. Disappointment can come from not seeing results in the arbitrary timeframe you’ve put on things. It’s a prudent move, then, to enlist like-minded people, who have similar fitness goals and driving forces, to help offer encouragement and incentive along your journey. Because let’s be honest, there’s no better way of knocking those excuses on the head than a friend in their gym kit knocking on the door. Go get it!


Success often comes from a more holistic approach to fitness than simply hitting the gym every day. One of the best ways to incorporate diversity and difference to your exercise routine is through yoga. Not only is the age old practice great for our strength, flexibility and balance, but it’s also great for improving our well-being. Yep, regular yoga practice can reduce stress and anxiety, and even improve focus and discipline.

Start with a small amount every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes; there are plenty of free videos on YouTube not to mention apps and other options to guide you through a short yoga practice. Pick a time which suits you best (when you first get up, in the evening or even on your lunch break) as sticking to the same time each day will help solidify the habit.