Viva Las Vegas, or so the old song celebrates. But approached with the gung ho, anything goes attitude which Elvis extolled, the City of Sin is unlikely to be one of win. Because in the bright lights, glitz and glamour, it’s normal to throw caution in the wind; it’s designed to evoke that reaction, after all. But if you’re to get the most out of the place, and leave with your dignity and bank balance in tact, then it’s better to bear a few tips and tricks in mind before you hit the strip. These are those; are 5 IDEAL things every Vegas visitor should know.


Before you hit the strip, with a spring in your step and hopefully luck on your side, you’re going to need a place to lay your head. And as such, we need to talk about resort fees. Unlike most hotels, where the rate you see is the rate you pay, in Vegas (and this doesn’t only apply to hotel rooms) there is more often than not an extra charge – anywhere between $10 and $40, for wifi, tea and coffee in the room, a daily newspaper; that kind of thing. It’s compulsory and non-negotiable, so factor the fee into your logic when you think you’ve stumbled across a great accommodation deal.


When it comes to playing slots, don’t fall for the myths behind them. Doing so will only leave you out of pocket. Many believe that if a slot machine hasn’t paid out for a while, it’s due to pay out soon, but the fruities by their very nature are completely, unwaveringly random. There is no pattern to how they pay out. A slot machine may not pay out for a hundred goes, it may pay out 10 times in a row or it might pay out once every other spin. Simply look for those deemed ‘certified’ by the registered gambling authority, which guarantees a certain payout percentage to the player.

Another myth behind slot machines is that there are tricks you can employ to boost your chances of a win. If only this was true, we’d have a lot more millionaires coming from slot machines, that’s for sure. That said, if you’re looking to familiarise yourself with the way they work before your trip, play for free and don’t fancy shaking hands with a one armed bandit, online slot machine sites like Slot Clash offer free slot machine games with no financial commitment necessary. But remember, when the fun stops, stop.


Vegas on the cheap; it seems kinda counterintuitive, right? A jarring juxtaposition, that. After all, when you’re so close to all the glitz and glamour that you could reach out and touch it, the last thing you want to do is sit on your hands. The good news is this; Vegas can be done, more than that, it can be fun, with thrift at the forefront of your mind. Check out our tips on how to do so here.


Believe it or not, there is life beyond the strip. Away from the casinos, the cash crashing and the indulgence, real life plays – rather than pays – out. And Vegas proper has so much to offer. The Mob Museum and Spring’s Preserve are just two attractions often passed over in favour of the excesses of the city, and getting away from the main drag also gives you an opportunity to get stuck into some of Vegas’ best food. The Fremont East District of Downtown Vegas plays host to the city’s up and coming, on-trend food scene, so factor in a visit when planning your itinerary. Also worth checking out is Chinatown, which covers more than a dozen blocks, and is home to just about every Asian cuisine under the rising sun. The Viet Noodle Bar is a particular local favourite and a delicious bowl of pho will cure any ills from the night before.


Counter intuitive advice, we know, but just beyond the city lies some of the States’ grandest, most magnificent natural wonder. If you’re visiting from afar, then it’s definitely worth making a trip to the Grand Canyon, just a four hour drive away, which in U.S terms, is practically a stone’s throw. If money is no option, you could go out and take a helicopter tour to the West Rim, allowing you can experience the Skywalk Bridge from on high.

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