The tick of the clock. The tap of the keys. The fire drills, endless, meaningless meetings, and incessant drone of prosaic management speak. I’m in an office, get me out of here.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought to yourself, I should be doing something creative with my life? You’re not alone. Who doesn’t dream of pursuing an artistic career which actually nurtures your passions rather than fill the coffers of capitalism. It’s time to embark on something. It’s time really push your creative side.  

“Following your passion” or “doing what you love” looks great on those motivational posters beloved of Instagram influencers and underground escalators, but in reality, it’s not always easy to decide on the right path. We want to help. So, here are 5 IDEAL tips for choosing a creative career.


With yourself, we mean. First and foremost, figure out where your creative passion lies and pursue it with fervour. This could be drawing, cooking, painting, or anything else that fans the flames of passion inside you. Give yourself a chance to find out what you love to do – if you never try, you’ll never know, after all.

Monetising passions takes hard work and steely dedication, go in all guns blazing, for sure, but maybe have the silencer attached. Things may not work out.  You may have a romantic idea about becoming a chef, but in reality hate the unsociable hours. You might dream of being a recording artist, but find the guitar strings cut your fingers. Perhaps you think you’ll have your work exhibited in the Louvre, but the smell of paint fumes makes you dizzy. Be brave, be bold, but be honest.


Finding a creative outlet can be tough, but you’ll have picked up skills along the way which will serve you well in a more fulfilling post. Many of the aspects that make up your ‘ability’ will be transferable to a new job, even if the description and brief are different. It’s only words; be flexible and you’ll fit in.


Getting out there, volunteering and doing internships is a great way to dip a toe in the water and checking if your new, chosen creative path is a dead end or a road to glory.


Money may not matter to you if you’re doing something you love, but you need to keep it in mind that toil and struggle can feel a burden doubled if you’re not reaping financial benefits. It’s not easy having a creative career, and often the money is low and the hours long. Your work/life balance may suffer, too, as starting from the bottom rung of the ladder takes extra hours and amounts of work. Be prepared to take the hit.


As you start to whittle down your options, be sure to some thorough research.