Thinking about designing your own sparkler? It used to be all about the person doing the proposing picking and buying the engagement ring, but things have changed. It’s 2018 and gone are the days of going to a jewellers to pick out a style that is the result of someone else’s imagination. From couples splitting the cost of the engagement ring to forgoing the traditional diamond of yesteryear, there are lots of modern trends when it comes to getting married and customising your own engagement ring is one of them.  

Whether you’re  going for a traditional diamond or a unique gemstone, there are lots of designers out there who can create custom, one-of-a-kind engagement rings for brides-to-be.  So, here are 5 IDEAL tips for designing your own engagement ring.


Like all good relationships, communication is king, queen and key. Keeping the important stuff bottled up only leads to things falling apart later down the line, and we’re pretty sure your engagement ring falls into the ‘important’ category. So, tell them that you want to have an input in the design of your ring. After all, big decisions shouldn’t just be taken by the man, for the woman. Let’s not reinforce age old roles. Have an open talk about your budget and the amount you’re both happy to spend, and remember, compromise is crucial.


Are you looking for a modern architectural design, a unique cluster or something art deco with an antique air?  Do you know what you want widthwise, to the millimeter? Have you asked yourself what type of cut you’d like? You’re going to be asked really specific questions by those helping you realise your vision, so it’s a good idea to do some research and have a very clear image in mind of what you want. Try on different rings, settings and styles to familiarise yourself with the huge plethora of decisions you’re going to have to make. It’s generally best to pick out the stone before you decide on the other aspects of the ring, as this is the key component. You could even customise an existing piece with a few tweaks or turn a family heirloom into the ring of your dreams.


Accept that it may take two or three months of back and forth to get the ring you finally want.  First of all, you’ll likely need an initial consultation. Then, the designers have got to draw the ring and get your approval before they even think about starting to physically craft it. And it’s not as easy as just copying a ring you’ve already seen (and you wouldn’t want it to be), the design has to be completely unique and custom made. For the designer, it’s important to know the type of aesthetic you want and your budget, so stipulate your preferences early on.  They may also ask the kind of lifestyle you lead as this can dictate the kind of setting that’s best for you. There’s so many questions to be asked and answered, so to avoid disappointment, make sure the jeweller has plenty of time to get it right.


If you’re going to get someone to craft such a pricey piece of jewellery, you need to like their design aesthetic. For example;  if you want a modern and progressive design, somewhere like who have a contemporary approach to jewellery could be the perfect match.


You’ve got a lot of other things on with planning a whole wedding and all, but try to keep informed, involved and in the loop with the ring designing process. If you want to end up with the ring of your dreams, stay in the driver’s seat, but remember to always listen to the expert’s advice. However emotionally involved you may be, they usually know best.