Mention that you’re off to the Costa Blanca for a getaway, and in Britain at least, luxury isn’t the first word that springs to mind. Because burned into our collective retinas, we have images of boozy, debauched Benidorm, of folk wearing too little, who’ve taken too much sun, in the Sun. But to dismiss this strip of golden sandy beaches (Costa Blanca literally translates as ‘White Coast’) would be to miss out on all the scenic wonder, high-end food and luxury accommodation that this little part of South Eastern Spain has to offer. So if you’re looking for Michelin-starred recommendations, fine art galleries, 5* penthouses to rent or private villas for sale in Spain, then read on; here are our 5 IDEAL tips for a luxury getaway in Costa Blanca.


Sure you could book a 5* hotel, but why stay in an identikit hotel room when you could have a whole luxury villa to yourself?  Offering time away without stress, the pressure of time or daily routine combined with sumptuous accommodation, a luxury villa is the perfect backdrop to any indulgent getaway. And whether you’re looking for a place in Javea, Altea or Moraira, the Costa Blanca has plenty of them.

We know what you’re thinking, a private villa equates to more time doing the chores which you’re trying to escape from, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Indeed, if the idea of cooking for yourself doesn’t sound relaxing or luxurious, you can hire a personal chef while you sip cocktails by the pool. Moreover, some of the villas on the Costa Blanca offer the type of service you’d expect in a 5* hotel. From cleaning your place to reserving a seat at the most exclusive restaurants in the area, you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your every need will be taken care of.  And if you want your luxury getaway to never end, you could always consider private villas for sale in Spain.


For us, one of the definitions of luxury is exquisite and unique levels of gastronomy, and there is no place to experience gastronomic nirvana in Costa Blanca quite like Denia. Indeed, this city has earned a reputation as one of the foodie destinations in Spain and in 2015 was named City of Gastronomy by UNESCO. Driving its foodie scene is the phenomenal produce which has attracted some of the best chefs from around the country.

From Michelin starred restaurants to traditional tapas bars, Denia boasts over 400 restaurants. For a real treat, head to El Bater De Miquel Ruiz. The chef was previously the proud (or not so) owner of a Michelin star, but decided to reject that ‘pretentious’ world in favour of doing something more laid back and real; and it shows in this relaxed and friendly restaurant which serves modern takes on Spanish classics. You ought to book a couple of months in advance to avoid disappointment; this place gets popular.

If you’re after total, full on extravagance, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Denia is home to a 3* Michelin restaurant, Quique Dacosta. The celebrity (and might we say, rather handsome) chef’s temple of gastronomy is one of the torchbearers of modernist Spanish cuisine. The ingredients come from only a 75km radius of the restaurant, meaning if it’s Costa Blancan luxury you’re after, this place ticks all the boxes perfectly.


Nothing says opulence quite like a yacht moored in crystal clear waters, champagne on ice, on deck, and good company to enjoy it with. Well, all of that is available on the Costa Blanca. All you have to do, is charter your own yacht. Prices for this part of the world usually fall somewhere around the €3000 per week mark, depending on your desired spec of course. Make sure you set your course for a lap around the stunning island of Tabarca and indulge in a spot of snorkelling, as well as casting a rod or two in water close to Torrevieja, to see what lands. Carp usually, but perhaps your dinner, too, if you’re lucky.


Costa Blanca’s capital, Alicante, has a fine art scene which any connoisseur would be proud to ponder over. Offering the opportunity to experience the modern and high falutin, The Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art is perhaps the top art attraction in the city, housing 3 permanent collections of around 800 pieces by the likes of Dali and Picasso. Not bad going indeed. The Gravina Museum of Fine Arts (or ‘Mubag’ to most) is more inward looking geographically, displaying the best works of painting and sculpture from the region; another must visit in this cultural mecca.

What’s really special about Alicante’s art scene is the number of works which are displayed in public spaces, for everyone to enjoy. Many are sculptures or busts, such as a bronze figure of Icarus at the city’s marina and the popular ‘elscultura El Adivinador’, an eight-foot abstract rendition of a fortune teller which sits near the waterfront. All you have to do in Alicante, it seems, is walk with your head up and your eyes open, and you’ll be able to luxuriate in art.


We’re against following a guide who carries a megaphone and one of those annoying flags with a fifty strong throng of tourists trailing behind them as much as the next person. However, a personal tour guide is a different beast altogether. Having the undivided attention of, and direct access to, your guide’s insider knowledge is a luxury indeed. If you’re interested in the historic landmarks and architectural gems of vibrant Alicante or the gastronomic highlights of Denia, they can personalise your getaway and attend to every detail of your visit.