Are you tired of this lockdown limbo and wondering when you might feel the warmth and humidity of a tropical paradise again? Are you reminiscing over old holiday pictures of your last trip to Bali, hankering for another? While we batten down the hatches again, unsure of when we’ll next be free to travel, one thing we can do during these crazy, vague months ahead is bring Bali to our homes.

When it comes to unique interior design, the island of Bali has so much to offer aesthetically and functionally. From ancient temples and lush jungles to light, ergonomic environments with green credentials at heart, there’s plenty to be learnt from the Last Paradise.  

Though it’s certainly unique, bringing the Balinese design aesthetic to your home isn’t as hard as you might think. Channelling earth-toned colour palettes with plenty of greens, a varied selection of plants, sustainable materials, lanterns and handicrafts, here are 5 IDEAL tips for Bali inspired interior design.


If you want to bring the essence of Bali to your home, then start with plants. The serenity that the green, tropical foliage brings to your home can be soothing and rejuvenating in equal measure in the relative drab of Britain. While it’s hard to replicate Bali’s lush tropical landscape, filled with gorgeous green foliage and a vast array of brightly coloured flowers, rest assured that there are some vibrant indoor tropical plants that can flourish indoors here.  

Instead of pots, use weaved rattan baskets. Or, go further and install a living wall. If house plants tend not to survive for long under your care (we’ve all been there!), then tropical wall paper is in vogue and an easy route to a similarly visually arresting aesthetic.   

Because most palm leaf wallpaper is highly detailed and abundant with beautiful patterns, it’s important to practice contrast and restraint here; no one wants every wall to channel those tropical vibes. Instead, employ a single, eye-catching feature wall; palm leaf wallpaper looks best surrounded by walls with a contrasting colour to emphasise distinction rather than appear crowded. 


Nothing says island life like furniture and homeware made from rattan and bamboo canes. Eco friendly, sustainable and oh-so chic, it’s the perfect way to bring the outdoors in. In Indonesia, lots of natural materials are used, with solid teak coffee tables, carved wooden furniture, intricate doors and more, all fashioned from reclaimed or recycled materials.

Home accessories made from rattan are a must when it comes to bringing a Balinese vibe to your home. Think woven mirror frames, floor lamps, lampshades and lanterns made from the naturally growing, wicker weaved vine. Should you be looking to channel the food of the island (or any food for that matter!) consider a rattan dining set, ideal for the garden but equally adept at bringing interiors to life, too.


Perhaps one of the easiest ways to channel a Balinese vibe is in your bedroom. Think of those balmy nights in Bali, under the mosquito net, and the sense of cosy safety it brings. Perhaps you could introduce your own net, even if it’s purely cosmetic? A mosquito invasion is a rare occurrence on these shores, after all.

If that seems a little excessive, sheer white linen curtains add a summery touch to your space, even if you layer them with heavy drapes so needed in this country during both lighter mornings and colder nights. Crisp white cotton sheets and crochet covered cushions and pillows give it that tropical, five-star hotel touch, and perhaps even one of those rattan or seagrass baskets for storing and organising things left at the end of the bed installed to complete the look.  


The Indonesians are known for their high quality craftsmanship, with skills often passed down through generations and secrets of the trade kept in house, within families, for as long as anyone can remember. Lots of these pieces are richly infused with spirituality, with Buddhist and Hindu motifs and emblems tastefully included in the design.

Every time we go to Bali, we can’t resist the Ubud Art market, where you can buy a huge selection of handcrafted trinkets. If you don’t have the time or money to visit the market in the coming months, then hop over to this site to check out some beautifully hand carved items created by Balinese artisans. Consider hanging some dark wooden and exquisitely detailed wooden panels to your walls to add warmth and a timeless elegance to your space.  


We’re thinking ahead to next year’s summer months already, and honestly, who can blame us? As such, we’re extending our Bali inspired interior design into the garden space to really ramp up those tropical vibes. 

Balinese architecture channels the power of pavilions beautifully – build a Balinese baronial in the garden, adding a cabana frame to really emphasise the structural integrity of the project.

Consider a pond showing off the lilies so beloved of the country, perhaps even with some Koi Carp swimming within, if you’re to push the boat out as far as it can go!


Tropical interiors can help us feel like we’re on vacation, and while we may never be able to grow a coconut in our chilly climate, we can evoke the tranquillity of the tropics and breathe some vigour and vibrancy into our homes with these few simple steps.