They say that what happens in the City of Sin should stay there, and perhaps this is why Vegas virgins so often visit without a clue of what’s in store. Indeed, go in over confident and underprepared and you’ll likely be leaving without your dignity. Las Vegas is an overwhelming assault on the senses, a full throttle place of fun, frolics and misfortune which requires a little foresight if you want to get the most out of it. Best to read on then, to these; our 5 IDEAL tips for Vegas first timers.


Of course, when you think of Vegas the first image which spins through your head is the roulette wheel. But also almost equally as synonymous with the strip is the wild party scene. Perhaps not the choice for those trying to cut back on drinking, or anyone with good taste, we think.

Known for having a “laxed” law on publicly drinking, it’s actually permitted here to walk the streets with an open container, a rare sight in the States; you’re unlikely to see any brown paper bags around here. It is, however, illegal to drink within 1,000 feet of churches, synagogues, schools, hospitals, rehab facilities and homeless shelters. Show a bit of respect (what in Vegas, surely not?) and common sense (again….) and you’ll be fine.


A big rookie mistake first timers to Vegas make is misjudging distances. It’s a massive place, and a scorching one at times too, so do your due diligence before setting off on foot somewhere. The main drag is four miles long so plan accordingly.

Comfortable shoes are a must. Tennis shoes, flats, loafers, and sandals will be quite the lifesaver when it comes to walking around and sightseeing, or even standing at the slots for extended period. If you did come ill-prepared with the wrong type of shoes, you can always hop on the Las Vegas Monorail to fling you from A to B. Also of note; you can actually walk through the air-conditioned hotels to manoeuvre your way down and around The Strip. 


Everybody says how expensive Vegas is, particularly on the party scene. The celebrity guest appearances, the exclusive shows, the private tables and bottle service; it’s enough to make you retire to your hotel room and cradle your credit card in bed until the night is out. But a weekend of hedonism and letting your hair down doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

You’ll find that VIP status isn’t just for the celebrities; there are Free Club Passes available to visitors, too, giving party-goers the opportunity to queue jump, enter for free or at a reduced price, and indulge in all the luxurious amenities a club has to offer. All you have to do is get your name on a guest list, online, to enjoy a nightlife experience unlike any other.


Of course, the bright lights, star-studded shows, gaudy casinos, and depraved party scene all come to mind when you think of Las Vegas. But it’s a huge mistake to focus your whole trip on the Strip alone. There’s a whole world beyond the glitz and gambling waiting to be discovered.

The Mob Museum and Spring’s Preserve are just two attractions often passed over in favour of the excesses of the city. Getting away from the main drag also gives you an opportunity to get stuck into some of Vegas’ best food. We’ve written more about that here. Check it out!