It’s a never ending roundabout which seems to have no exit. Payday ushers in a week of living like a king then three of a pauper, and repeat ad finitum. We’ve tried budgeting, abstinence, asceticism, and just plain ol’ stinginess, but we still seem to be out of pocket each and every month. A quick, legal buck, then, is just what the doctor ordered; no selling of kidneys or souls here. Instead, an always meticulous, mostly tedious and occasionally fruitful feedback form. Here’s how best to turn a profit from them; our 5 IDEAL tips to make the most out of paid online surveys.


To make more than a couple of pennies from paid online surveys, you’re going to need your fingers in a few pies (just remember to keep one free for all that clicking). There are a vast number of survey websites and online companies that will pay you for answering their questions; they’re desperate for feedback on various elements of their brand, and will pay for opinions. Companies do however need targeted information and for this, they consider demographics, personal interests and other factors. Not every survey which lands in your inbox will you be appropriate for, but here are some of the more generic survey sites to help get you started:


Once you’ve signed up to a few opinions seeking websites, they’ll inundate you with survey completion requests. Here’s the thing; your particular, unique demographic means you’ll only be applicable for some. Don’t be offended; a stairlift company probably don’t value the views of an able bodied 20 something, for instance. But to find the feedback requests which do suit you, you’re going to have to be diligent with checking your emails, sifting through the spam and exercising a little patience. The pounds will follow.


Here’s the bad news; you need to take the necessary time, give the necessary attention and give honest answers when you complete the survey. Though the temptation may be to rip through the multiple choice questions, trigger happy on the mouse and clicking where you please, market research companies have their own way of detecting if your answers aren’t consistent. If this is unearthed, you could be disqualified from getting paid. So, although quantity is important if you’re to earn any money, quality also matters.


You’ll never find two companies which have the same process of rewarding you for answering their surveys, so before you commit to some, get familiar with how they’re going to pay you for your time. Some will reward you with points, which you can then convert to cash, gift cards or other rewards. Others will submit your name to enter a sweepstake draw and others still offer some of their products to you for free in order to test them out and give them your feedback.

Monetary survey rewards, we’re sorry to say, are rare and low in value, usually ranging from £1 to £5. Full-time job this ain’t, but if you can take a bunch of surveys in a day, you can earn a pretty decent amount in a month.


Let’s get one thing straight; taking online surveys isn’t going to help you make a fortune or fund your next round the world trip. It would be folly to rely on such surveys as an actual income. Instead, treat them as a little added bonus to your normal daily grind, and embrace the fact that you can earn rewards by simply voicing your opinion. After all, most are happy to do so on Twitter for free, so relish actually getting paid for this. Good luck.