As the old saying goes, ‘dress as you’d like to be addressed’. A little clumsy maybe, but a pertinent phrase nonetheless. And while so many of us are just as content slumming it in a tent as living it up in a 5 star resort, when it comes to our outfits, that little splash of glamour can make all the difference to our mood. And in turn, how you’re viewed. So, if this sounds like you, then read on; our 5 IDEAL ways to add the look of luxury to any outfit.


Jewellery and accessories can add elegance to any outfit. Indeed, with the right accesorising, a fairly on budget ensemble can be given the full on flair treatment. To dial down into the details, chiffon scarves are perfect if you want to pair fashion with an extra layer of warmth, making them ideal for the current lower temperature start to the summer season. And if you’re looking for a small, subtle flourish, then bespoke jewellery, particularly a watch, is a safe bet. This represents perhaps the safest route to mixing functionality with superfly; consider an investment in designer watches at Berry’s Jewellers or other timepiece dealers to keep your luxury look ticking over.


Adding layers to an outfit gives you a further opportunity to bring a level of opulence to your outfit, especially if you’re looking for a smart or professional look still suggestive of a bit of suave. Although you might believe that adding layers is only to keep you warm, wearing shawls, wraps and blazers over your outfit can bring your everyday clothes a feel of boho chic in the best possible way. Layers are especially important if you’re intending on transitioning from day to night without a trip home in between, as they can be added or removed to suit the formality and temperature of an occasion.


As every girl (or boy) will know, shoes can make or break an outfit, and it’s a modern day tragedy when a carefully curated look is let down by an inelegant choice of footwear. Though there are so many factors at play when choosing the right shoe – think height, formality, style, colour and much more besides – the most important, we think, is their suitability to your overall style. You could be wearing the coolest kicks around, but if they don’t synergise with the rest of your ensemble, then there’s little point showing them off. Check out wikihow’s guide to perfect pairing here for more tips.


Style, shape, swagger, they all matter, make no mistake. But an often overlooked element of an outfit is its material. This, we think, can make all the difference in the luxury stakes, and although high end fabrics can indeed be expensive, here it’s a matter of quality over quantity; these items will be far more durable than your standard high-street kit, making it a savvy investment in the long run.

For winter wear (far away, we know, but it’s best to be prepared) you should look into how to wear velvets and cashmere which allow you to combine warmth with classic, old-school elegance, while favourites for spring and summer include silks and satins, which remain cool and breezy but retain a feel of decadence.


Equally important is the cut and fit of your outfit. Not only can an ill fitting number look all different of levels of wrong, but it can also inhibit your movement and as such, confidence. Consider, then, a less is more approach to your wardrobe; a few tailored dresses, shirts and the rest are a far wiser investment (and space saver) than piles and piles of fast fashion items which only get worn wise. Food (or should that be fashion?) for thought, we think.