‘Alexa, who is spying on me right now?’ Well, where do we begin? The government, other governments, the cops, your devices, Alexa herself….

But while the current concern over our privacy is largely related to the technology we use, in the domestic setting, peace of mind can be achieved by keeping our lives a little more confidential from the prying eyes of neighbours, too. Here’s how; our 5 IDEAL ways to maintain your home’s privacy.


Let’s cut to the chase. There will always be someone strolling the street who is a little too nosy. Or let’s be polite….a little too curious. The good news is there are a number of ways to prevent people from peering into your home and garden; perhaps the most effective being by installing fencing to the exterior of your home. There are various heights, materials, widths and designs you can choose from to shield your property from view while also enhancing your property’s kerb appeal. A double win, we think. It is, however, vital to discuss the fencing style and design with your neighbours, as it will need to complement their garden and needs, too.


The window coverings you go for essentially determine the level of privacy within your home, but they can also impact on the interior design; for better or for worse, we should add. One striking example is shutters. While they may be attractive, they can create a darker, dingier space. If you’re looking for crack den chic, that’s great, but bright and airy they ain’t.

It might instead be worthwhile investing in lightweight, sheer curtains, which can prevent nosey neighbours and prying street level eyes while also welcoming natural sunlight into a room. If you have large windows, such as a bay feature, which risks encouraging others to peer inside, you can easily incorporate curtains into your interior design by finding high-quality curtain tracks from specialists such as Poles and Blinds.  


If you can hear your neighbours’ conversations through your property’s wall, the chances are they can listen to your discussions (and other things) too. If you want to eliminate paper thin walls to ensure your private conversations remain precisely that, you should consider investing in cavity wall insulation.

Perhaps the most popular rendition of this is by adding spray foam into a cavity wall, which will result in any sound bouncing back into a room, in turn preventing your neighbours from listening in on your conversations. It works both ways; you’ll also shut them out. Everybody wins here, so suggest sharing the cost.


Another option – manmade, we realise, and not as attractive – is to erect either a gazebo or pergola into your garden, which will appear stylish and sophisticated and improve your home’s privacy. By covering the sides and roof of a wooden pergola with attractive vines or hanging plants, you’ll create an awesome focal point for parties and the rest. Plus, it can provide a perfect space for al fresco dining, and you can eat without fear you are being spied on by your nosey neighbours. Or, you could be sociable, drop the paranoia and simply invite them round. Just a thought.


Practical, man made solutions are grand, but it has to be said that harnessing the power of nature in discouraging neighbours from being nosy is a more positive fix in many ways. Firstly, the environmental impact is turned into a gain; next, your garden will look all the more attractive for it; and finally, it seems less antagonistic to those who share your street than slinging up a wall to rival Trump’s. So, by planting trees and large hedges in your exterior space, or simply adding some pot plants with the requisite height, you’ll create a natural oasis.