Feeling that autumn chill in the air? Wondering if it’s acceptable to switch the central heating on? Comfy clothes transitioned from shorts to joggers? Yep, we feel ya.

But wait! Hold on a minute. Stuff your tog duvet back under the bed. Get those shorts back out of storage. Because what’s this on the horizon? Yep, the good ol’ fashioned Indian summer is on its way, promising a heatwave for the foreseeable future in much of the country. And while we’re sure the majority of the population will be chuffed about the brighter weather around the corner, with sunny dispositions to match, there are those cooped up in the office who might be feeling a little weary about the impending heat. Yep, higher temperatures can make you lethargic and, well, less willing to put in the graft. But it shouldn’t have to be this way.

So if you and your colleagues want to stay focused, productive and most importantly, cool, then it’s imperative you have some systems in place to keep the sweltering temperatures at bay. Here’s how; our 5 IDEAL ways to keep cook at work in the heatwave including modern fans. 


Keeping the heat circulating is key to avoiding that stuffy, stifling heat which UK offices aren’t equipped to deal with. So, if you really want your place to be extra comfortable, then increasing the number of fans you have in the office might just do the trick. This is an investment, useful all year round, as even in the cooler months a little air circulation is vital.

Consider what type of fan you want. Sure, a standing one is decent, but flimsy. A ceiling jobby, like those provided by the Modern Fan Company, is a better bet for even distribution of the good stuff (air). These often come with a remote or a switch that allows you to adjust the fan’s speed, increasing or decreasing it according to the day’s needs.


If your boss won’t fork out for a modern fan (and they should) consider a mini handheld one for your desk. These little gems can sit on your desk or in your bag, ready and waiting to provide sweet relief from the stifling heat at a moment’s notice. They’re also perfect for a packed commuteBid stuffy, sweaty journeys goodbye.


Not all air conditioning was created equal. Indeed, most of the industrial units deployed in places of work don’t chime with the current, very welcome push for offices to go greener. Instead, consider an air conditioning unit with environmentally-friendly credentials; they do exist and are rising exponentially in popularity. Look for units with Energy Star Certification, a government-backed accreditation for those appliances which are striving to be kinder to the planet.


Cure, not prevention. Short term thinking. Unhealthy. Sure, we get it, and all three are to be avoided. But sometimes, only the relief of a frozen, fruity item will do when the sun is blazing and people are parched. What’s more, if you get the round in, your efforts to keep workplace morale up will be noted; a simple, thoughtful act which will resonate for colleagues long after the last one has melted. The lolly, not the colleague. 


Though it might feel vaguely rebellious to dress in summer clothes in September, your work attire can make a huge difference to your comfort levels on the hottest of days of the year in the office. Probably avoid the flip flops and sunnies if you still want to be taken seriously, but no one is going to judge you for wearing a looser fit than normal. Keep things breathable and light with natural fabrics; linen and cotton are the best way forward. And avoid synthetics as they trap heat.

That said, wear open-toe shoes if possible; we lose huge amounts of heat through our feet so this shoe style is a good way of helping our body to stay cooler. Feet also swell in hotter temperatures so open toe shoes will help your tootsies to stay comfortable as well. 

And if you want any tips on sleeping in a heatwave, then we’ve got you covered too. Check out our 12 IDEAL tips for sleeping better in hotter weather over here.


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