2019 is upon us, and resolutions are hopefully still in play. Your liver is gradually unpickling itself, your mind is flush with clarity and conviction, and your six pack, buoyed by a diet of plants, is showing its first statements of intent. Indeed, health and wellbeing adore this time of year. But what about the strength of your bank balance? Traditionally, we’re all a little bit broke in January, but with fresh, purposeful minds, we turn their attention to new ways of kickstarting our cash flow. For some inspiration, consider these; our 5 IDEAL ways to make some extra money in 2019.


Schadenfreude, kintsukuroi and kalsarikannit. Those lovely foreigners seem to have a word for everything. But is there a term in any language for that feeling of utter dread prior to checking your bank balance? There should be.

Anyway, while on the subject, switching your bank account or opening a second could bring in a little sunshine to this otherwise bleak and blustery month. Banks are trying to challenge the notion that customers are way too loyal (see lazy) to ever switch by offering some pretty serious incentives to up sticks. It’s not immediate, with the old switcheroo usually taking 7 days, but the rewards are decent, make no mistake.

The Switch Guarantee enables individuals to swap current account providers in a hassle-free way. Providing you pay in enough money each month and stick with the bank, many offer cash rewards for moving over. Always read the terms and conditions to check eligibility, but you could receive £100 just from a simple switch over.


‘Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault?’ ‘Eff off and mind your own business is the automatic response. But reacting with a little less haste might actually be worth your while. Indeed, if you had a credit card, store card, loan or mortgage before 2010, you could have been mis-sold a PPI policy.

To cut a long story short(ish), payment protection insurance, more widely known as PPI, was sold alongside products as a way to protect the individual if they could not make repayments due to sickness or unemployment.

However, as a profitable product, the banks mis-sold the insurance to millions of people to make money. Are there any depths those greedy guys won’t sink to? As such, customers are now reclaiming PPI and receiving refunds. To date, £33 billion has been refunded to customers. But you have just eight months left to submit a claim to the bank due to a PPI deadline set by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can reclaim PPI yourself or use the services of a reputable claims company. Many individuals have received thousands of pounds from their bank. Act now before the deadline on 29th August 2019.


We’ve all got some hidden talents, haven’t we? Can you lick your elbow? Turn your eyelids inside out? Down pints of water in record time? How about typing incredibly fast, building stuff efficiently, or playing the piano with particular grace and poise? Well, websites such as Fiverr have made it easier than ever to use these skills and make some money. 

If you’re creative, then Etsy could be the best place for you to sell homemade goods. The platform allows you to reach a wide audience and potentially make some excellent money.


Let’s be honest, we all have things around our home that we could probably get rid of, but always find an excuse not to. But one’s trash is another’s treasure, and stuff that might feel worthless to you could actually make you a little bit of money — mainly CDs, DVDs and some collectables otherwise gathering dust. Shops such as Cex will buy DVDs and console games, and online websites, such as MusicMagpie, may also buy these goods and they offer free postage.

If you’ve got a mixture of stuff to sell, there are lots of options, such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or even an old-fashioned car boot sale. You might be surprised how much you can make. And if all you achieve is decluttering your space and in turn, your mind, then that’s its own reward, right?


A dry, clean-aired and meat-free January has hopefully shown a lot of people a thing or two about the financial implications of their vices. So don’t confine this healthier outlook to only the first month of each year. Instead, carry the momentum through to the rest of the year and beyond. Your physical, as well as financial, health will thank you for it.