There are two types of flyer and little in between; those who rock up late and rush their way through departures expecting the rope to be lifted and red carpet rolled out. And, those who insist on being there three hours early and wonder why the gate isn’t open. Should you fall into the latter camp and find yourself with time on your hands, the airport can be a pretty boring place to spend time. 

While some misguided fools believe ‘the holiday begins at the airport’ – 9am pints at the ready – most of us find the whole thing a little stressful, and that’s putting it mildly. There are ways, however, to make it a more seamless experience, and these are those; our 5 IDEAL ways to make your airport experience more enjoyable.


There are myriad things that can cause you to become flustered at an airport and your luggage weighing over the allocated allowance is one of them. It prays on your mind when packing, when on the way to the airport and when in the queue to check in. No one wants to be that person causing a scene at the desk, frantically going through their suitcase – frilly knickers going flying – ending up in so many layers of clothes that you end up looking like the Michelin man. An uncomfortable sweaty flight just isn’t worth it. Unless you’re willing to take the risk and pay the extortionate fees, then simply weigh your bags at home. Moreover, make your life easier by researching the best luggage brands for flying; whether you’re travelling for pleasure or making a weekly business trip, the right luggage can make packing for your trip and travelling to your destination a doodle.


If you’re driving to the airport, then the stress levels could go either way. Sure, you’ve alleviated yourself of the heavy burden of lifting luggage on busy platforms, but equally, finding a parking space might send your anxiety into overdrive. Therefore, it’s imperative you book an airport parking space in advance. Alternatively, websites such as allow you to compare parking space prices and availability in and around the airport, giving you the chance to select the best spot in advance. Then, all you need to worry about is your petrol and playlist.


The security gate can give even the most law-abiding citizen the heebie-jeebies, so it’s best to be prepared sartorially. We’ve all wondered whether or not we really have to remove our belt and watch, but more often than not, you do, so wearing trousers which don’t require being kept up is a good idea. Loads of fiddly bracelets and earrings which set off the alarms are obviously also a mistake. Shoes which slip off easily are big embarrassment savers; the last thing you want to be doing is bending down to untie shoelaces, queue at your rear, seeing your rear, all because you’re not wearing that belt.


We’ve all felt the pull of the early morning g’n’t; the start of the holiday marked ceremoniously with drink. Indeed, for the aerophobic, it can be especially tempting to reach for the booze in the airport or plane as a way to calm your nerves, but this can be problematic as counterintuitively it can lead to increased anxiety (and let’s be honest, the occasional missed flight). What’s more, a low-pressure cabin will make you feel dehydrated, particularly when drunk, which can lead to nausea and being even more fearful; a toxic mix, we think. Stick with water.


Some travel agents, credit cards and promotions (or actually buying a Lounge Pass, of course) will grant you access to the hallowed walls of the airport lounge. Check in advance if you’re blessed with this opportunity, for inside there’s plenty to keep you distracted, fed and lubricated. Yep, that’s free snacks, free booze and widescreen TVs all available. Now, that’s entertainment.

Now you’ve conquered the airport, should you be looking for tips on making your next flight more fun, then check out these; our 5 IDEAL apps to make your next flight more fun.