Whether you view it as a hurdle to the main event or essential to getting into the Christmas spirit, there’s no fighting the fact that the festive party season is upon us. And perhaps the main event of the calendar, the office party, is approaching fast. 

A company Christmas party used to be an excuse to get really, really drunk, swear at your boss and sneak off for a proper night out with your favourite colleagues. But recently, increasingly, it’s become the ideal opportunity to make employees feel valued and offer everyone a genuine chance for team bonding. From bar hire with cocktail making classes to private movie nights, there are plenty of ways to create a unique festive atmosphere. These are those; our 5 IDEAL ways to make your company Christmas party one to remember.


Escapism; that’s what we’re here for isn’t it? To shed the civvies and feel a little bit special. Not, we think, simply supping a warm guinness and talking shop in the smoking area with Janet from accounts. So, while it may not be unique or an unheard-of idea, giving the team the chance to dress to the nines and go out somewhere fancy for dinner shows your employees that you value their contribution. A really classy move would be to pay for black tie and dinner dress hire for the team. Oh, and of course, champers is on the boss!


While you could always host the party at the office, doing so may well dampen the festive spirit as your employees will be spending their free time at their place of work. And there really is no greater buzzkill than sitting at your very own desk, sipping a can and contemplating meeting some deadlines until the party’s over. So, providing an alternative location should be an absolute must. Doing so will encourage people to let their hair down and foster a sense of camaraderie with co-workers.   


If a formal gathering at a fancy restaurant isn’t possible with the budget you have available, or if it’s simply not appealing to you and your team, a simple and effective way to add class to any occasion is through private bar hire. Doing so provides you with an open bar and the bespoke services of a professional bartender; not only do you get to enjoy delicious drinks but having them prepared for you ensures you can spend as much time socialising as possible. 

Another brilliant idea for bar hire services is to incorporate cocktail making classes into the fun, adding a sense of competition to the occasion, and also giving employees new skills to take away and deploy for the rest of the Christmas holidays. Expect hangovers on their return!


If the company coffers are swelling sufficiently, then a weekend away for your team could hit the mark. This doesn’t mean you have to whisk them off somewhere extravagant and stay in a five-star hotel, but you’ll find that with a reasonably good budget and a bit of research you can find an awesome Airbnb in a town or city that suits your needs. Be aware and sensitive to the fact that forcing employee’s to sacrifice their free time for a work trip may not be everyone’s idea of fun, so take a temperature test of the office mood prior to arranging anything. Otherwise, you may have dissent on your hands rather than delight.

This choice is especially popular for companies with remote employees, as it offers an ideal chance for some face-to-face interaction with their colleagues and build stronger working relationships — which is often difficult to achieve via Skype, email or instant messaging apps.


Not everyone loves the raucous, rambunctious traditions of a Christmas party. Perhaps something more lowkey could be good, for those wanting to get home to their families. Consider, instead, getting into the Christmas spirit with a festive film, and hire out a screening room at your local cinema. At most cinemas offering this service, you’ll have the choice between a current film or one of your choosing. The latter tends to cost more though, so if there’s a Christmas film currently showing that everyone wants to see, fantastic. Better yet, why not invest in pop up cinema hire for that extra special touch? Your staff will appreciate the effort!

If that exceeds the budget, there is an endless list of Christmas classics that would be well worth revisiting

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