Spring? SPRING?!?!! We’ve barely acknowledged winter’s arrival here, let alone considered Christmas plans and beyond, how can you be so brazen as to mention a rosier time which sits so far away?

Well, we do so because we’re less than two weeks away from the shortest day of the year. After that, the warm glow at the end of the tunnel is visible. And anyway, we need something to look forward to during this bleak, cold December. Aaaaah, Spring. 

More importantly, once the milder weather does bless us, you’ll want your garden to be ready so you can enjoy every moment of it. So, why not devote some of the downtime over the festive season (and, perhaps, your Christmas present wish list?) to improving your outdoor space. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL ways to make your garden a sanctuary in time for Spring.


Man, we’d all like to recline in our garden free from the prying eyes of neighbours and the stilted small talk that might lead to. But so often, and especially in the city, that’s simply not possible; you’re practically sharing any outdoor space, even if there’s a token fence between you. If this sounds all too familiar, then consider an enclosed seating area. This needn’t be a huge investment or space filler, even an arbour with attached roof can provide the requisite privacy. It’s a bit of project, this, so get a head start on it now so it’s all ready to go when Spring rolls into view.


The calming, gentle sounds of a water feature can go a long way to drowning out the sound of life’s static which is contributing to your stress. With so many designs and placements to choose from, from the tasteful to the tacky, it’s prudent to opt for a water feature that accentuates your garden’s overall style and complements the space, rather than has a jarring effect. We particularly like those which are subtle on the eye and channel the soothing sounds of trickle (as long as we’re not desperate for the loo, that is). Check out these nine best garden water feature ideas for more inspiration.


From a striving for privacy to an item which is sure to elicit covetous glances from neighbours. But installing a hot tub in the garden in time for Spring isn’t just about relaxation; the buoyancy, heat and massage provided also provide a proven range of health benefits. Indeed, relieving muscle tension, promoting better blood flow and releasing endorphins are all part of the hot tub package. Just make sure that you avoid common buying mistakes when searching for your preferred hot tub. 

When the weather finally does warm up, we can’t think of anything better than being immersed in hot, soothing water and under the stars…there can be nothing more evocative of a garden sanctuary, we think.


Having lots of green plants and shrubbery in your garden is a proven way to increase your wellbeing and promote positive mental health. Plants and foliage can give a green base of calming relaxation with pops of seasonal colour to accentuate the subtle nuances of a more relaxing space. Spending time within a garden sanctuary lush with greenery has been proven to have positive effects and can increase your happiness by relieving stress and giving you somewhere to unwind after a hard day of work. This is particularly important when the weather warms up after months of spending too much time indoors avoiding the winter. Just think of all that vitamin D you’ll have missed out on.


Perhaps the most pertinent, prudent way to prepare your garden for Spring during Winter is by preparing it (or your allotment, if you’re lucky enough to have one) for the emergence of all those wonderful fresh vegetables that the arrival of a new season heralds. Because the ground is likely to get frosty and the chill in the air could nullify more delicate crops, it’s this time of year that you want be planting robust, hardy stuff like spring and white onions, shallots, garlic and rhubarb, which can cope with the colder weather well.  

Even if you’re only planting a select few items, growing your own produce in winter, and tending to your garden accordingly, can bring a connection to the outdoor space you’ll otherwise be lacking this season. Lovely stuff.

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