The bathroom; is it a place to rest, replenish, relieve or refresh? Probably, as perhaps the most multi-functional room in the house, a little of all four. Certainly, it’s where function takes precedence over frivolity; a space where the lines between practical and luxurious become blurred. You spend a surprising amount of time in here and as such, want to complete your, erm, tasks effectively and efficiently. This means the occasional need for a renovation, to keep things running smoothly. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL ways to upgrade and update your bathroom.


We’ve all experienced one of those showers in the winter months, shivering under a stubborn drip and longing for the blast of forceful flow from the family home’s excellent plumbing. A weak, sporadic flow is the enemy of relaxation and cleanliness. Giving your shower head and taps an upgrade, via experts like Bathroom Luxuries, will allow for a far more luxurious shower or bath experience, with a strong, even flow of water cleansing and healing in equal measure. It can also more environmentally efficient too, with no waiting (and wasting) around for the shower to get hot and vigorous. A double win!


Although it’s traditionally the smallest, occupiable room in the house, this shouldn’t mean that you cram as much as you can into your bathroom. Sashaying around in your towel on a slippery wet surface certainly isn’t fun (or safe) with cupboards and clutter blocking your every move. No, you want it to be a space where you can relax and wash away the stresses of the day. Upgrading in this instance, then, might conversely mean a move towards the minimalist.

…& LIGHT  

There’s something about the stark, white lighting of the bathroom that doesn’t reflect well on our pasty frames. Catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror post-soak and it’s either like you’ve seen a ghost or a lobster who’s spent too much time in the sun. What’s more, white walls and bright light are the most unforgiving on certain splashes and stains inevitably caused by careless members of the family. The simple addition of a dimmer switch, or application of a few flickering candles, can completely change the mood of the room; from practical to pleasure at the flick of a switch. Or lighter. The addition of a mirror will bring both a sense of added space and more light.  You could even consider adding a bluetooth bathroom mirror with FM & DAB radio so you can singalong to music in the shower.


Just because you excrete and exfoliate here, doesn’t mean the room should feel plain or functional. Add some art – something tasteful rather than comedic – to lift the feel of your bathroom and make it somewhere you enjoy spending time in. Leave the ‘amusing’ poo map posters to students and soft porn to Peter Stringfellow and opt for something aquatic and soothing.


It seems like less than pristine tiles are the first part of the bathroom to betray either the age of the space or the (lack of) cleaning habits of the homeowner. Retiling may seem like a daunting task, but a spruce up of this part of the wall and/or flooring will make it feel like you’ve refurbished the whole damn room. And once the room feels as good as new, you can have a soak which will make you feel like a whole new person too.