Ideal for those looking to shift from functional to fancy.

The domestic bathroom takes many forms. From tiny cubicles with carpets which simply shouldn’t be there to elaborate, modern ones you could imagine living in, no room in the house is so prone to divergence. Though we’re not aiming for a toilet which doubles up as a throne or a bathtub you could take a swim in, there are ways to bring that added sense of sophistication and opulence to your bathroom without feeling like you’re overdoing it. Here’s how; our 7 luxury alternatives to your traditional bathroom fixtures, IDEAL for those looking to shift from functional to fancy.


An eye for elegant yet ergonomic pieces is essential when designing a luxury bathroom. Even something as basic as Faucets can channel this sense of sophistication. An impeccably designed tap, burnished, gleaming and standing to perfect attention, will tap into (sorry) that opulent vibe we’re coveting. 


Sorry for the innuendo, but we thought ‘toilet’ was a bit brusque in such a company. The focal point of the bathroom doesn’t have to look plain. Indeed, there are water closets on the market to make your bathroom look – and feel – grand. Queo’s automatic water closet, for instance, brings aesthetic interest and ergonomic functionality to the room, and comes replete with features you didn’t know the humble toilet could muster. You needn’t even get your hands dirty; the truly modern automatic water closet offers one-touch rear cleansing, adjustable water pressure and direction, and even a heated seat.


As Frank Ocean once celebrated, a great shower head feels amazing. Praise indeed. One of the defining features of luxury in the bathroom, then, is a shower which flows strong, hard and hot, making your bathroom an absolute delight. Luxury shower fittings now include smart controls, allowing you to set the temperature and force of your shower digitally and precisely, remembering your settings for next time.


In a luxury bathroom, a countertop basin with intricate – even ornamental – design can really lift the aesthetic value of the space. To make one a proper focal point, and a piece of art in the process, consider installing a ceramic, tiled version, seen across Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East, as well as East Asia. Just gorgeous.


One of the most important things to consider when it comes to luxury bathrooms is that less is more. Minimalism is in, and users are valuing spaciousness over superfluous features each and every time. The more space the bathroom has, the more luxurious it will feel, make no mistake. Plus, some of our drying routines are pretty flamboyant; the last thing we want is to be knocking things off shelves when we’re doing that between the leg, towel drying manoeuvre.  

Concealed cisterns add that sense of extra space, and makes the room look bigger. Their concealed appearance does not take away from their functionality, either, making this a no brainer.


No luxury bathroom is complete without a bathtub. Who doesn’t enjoy a soak after a long day? Luxury bathtubs come in many forms, and how you add that enhancement to your space depends on your definition of the word ‘luxury’. Visually, you can’t beat a freestanding bath, which naturally becomes the focal point of the space. But if it’s convenience you’re after, a more modern bathtub, with smart features, could be a better choice. A beautiful bathtub, as they, is in the eyes of the beholder.


Often ignored, but bathroom accessories play a crucial role in adding that extra touch of class to surroundings. When you’re designing a luxury bathroom, even the smallest parts matter so that the entire space looks cohesive. When all the pieces come together, that sense of immaculate is achieved. Focus on the finer details, and you’ll be richly rewarded.

It’s a place where you get to spend some quality time with yourself. Therefore, give your bathroom the attention it deserves today. When you’re done, invite us round to have a look; we promise we’ll flush.