A scrub here, a polish there. Does this plant look better on this windowsill or that? We should really look into changing our accent wall from pantone to living coral…

The domestic discussions of the everyday seem to focus on the design of the interiors so often that the home’s exterior gets neglected more than nurtured. But we think a property’s facade deserves just as much love as what lies within, particularly when it comes to the routine maintenance which keeps things ticking over and functioning properly. With that in mind, here are 5 maintenance must do’s for your home’s exterior. 


Chimneys need sweeping in late Autumn or early Winter for several reasons. In the UK, this is traditionally the time when the nights draw in, the temperature drops, and the allure of the open fire rises in tandem. A Winter sweep ensures that no birds have made their homes in your chimney over Spring and Summer, before the first flames lick upwards. It’s also essential for the removal of other blockages, such as cobwebs or soot build-up, which would impede the escape of fumes. 


Oh, these summer months have been kind to us, papering over the cracks of our home and disguising issues currently lying dormant. Those cracks, though, will soon be exposed once again to gusts of cold air. Indeed, this is a long winded, poetic (if we do say so ourselves) way of saying that you should consider draughtproofing this Autumn, in term for an inevitably chilly Winter.

Yep, draughty floorboards aren’t an issue simply solved with ever thicker pairs of socks. Indeed, a draught from below, as well as from the door and window frame, and even your letter box, can leak expensive heat, causing your boiler to work harder and costing you money on your energy bills. Draught proofing isn’t massively expensive but can make a massive difference to your home’s ambience; consider it before Winter bites.


Continuing in Autumn, another essential annual maintenance is to have your gutters checked. However symbolic those fallen leaves may be, representing a change in the seasons and mood, they’re also a threat to your property’s gutters. Therefore, regular cleaning of your gutters is recommended by experts, but especially in early Autumn, when the frequency of debris is greatest. If you ignore this necessity, you risk damaging the exterior of your home, as blocked gutters can result in water build up and leakage from above. And no one wants that.

If damp makes its way into your home through water running down the exterior wall – because of those leaves causing blockages – your home might endure damage to its structural integrity. Best to have those gutters checked in Autumn, by experts such as GM Roofers Manchester, and carry out regular decluttering missions up there, too.


Moss (as opposed to algae, we should add) on your home’s exterior isn’t just ugly, it can also cause structural damage. This is because rogue moss can take on a lot of water following a downpour and store it, which can, in turn, cause damage to your property’s brickwork and roof. Much feared structural damage may follow. For something so seemingly innocuous, it truly doesn’t pay to simply ignore moss. 

Instead, some essential maintenance is required to remove the moss. Firstly, it should be noted that moss grows best in shade, so you should prune any trees, bushes and shrubbery which are casting shade on your home (more of that later, by the way). You can then use a water pressure gun to remove the moss. A solution of vinegar and bleach can be used if it’s particularly stubborn.


Finally, as we mentioned, you should endeavour to make a bi-annual effort to prune trees, remove dead branches and generally keep the shrubbery surrounding your home ruly and obedient. This will prevent unwanted shade, undesired build up of water and keep a general appearance of wear and tear at bay. Good luck!