Ideal for mobilising your pub or restaurant operations.

As pubs and restaurants look for innovative ways to adapt their operations in light of social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions, an increasing number of companies are turning to fridge trailers and temporary cold rooms to keep things agile and mobile, equally. 

By expanding your facilities and creating more space for your staff, you can ensure that your workers can operate safely and in accordance with the current guidelines. Furthermore, you can guarantee that your business is able to reopen as quickly as possible and restart your cashflow. If your pub or restaurant is looking to be more nimble in terms of delivery and collection, then a mobile fridge might be just the ticket.

However, choosing the right equipment is essential to the success of your relaunch. If you’re using fridge trailers or temporary cold storage facilities to modify your operations, take the time to ensure your chosen models have these five must-have fridge trailer features, IDEAL for mobilising your pub or restaurant operations.


If you’re going to the trouble of expanding or diversifying your offering (and as such, your facilities) then it’s vital to choose a fridge trailer that offers sufficient space. Scalability is key here. Of course, it can be tricky to estimate exactly how much additional cold storage you’ll need, particularly if you’ve never used portable fridge or freezer trailers before, but you need to leave that wiggle room for potential success and expansion if it’s necessary later down the line. 

Comparing the size of your current facilities to the trailers available will give you a good indication of which units could be right for your business. However, choosing a reputable firm that offers a range of sizes is certainly your best bet. By discussing your requirements with a knowledgeable member of staff, you can access expert advice regarding the suitability of specific units. In uncertain terms, this expertise is so welcome.


Your temporary fridge trailer will require constant power to maintain your chosen temperature, so it’s essential your unit can be connected to a reliable source. Don’t simply assume that all fridge trailers can be connected to mains power or, conversely, that they can run on a portable generator. Melted ice creams, defrosted chicken and all manner of other mishaps await such an assumption.

While many can be powered via these methods, not every model offers this flexibility and functionality. Being able to power your trailer via a portable generator or via the mains ensures complete freedom in terms of where you position the unit. Furthermore, the back-up option of switching to generator ensures you can maintain the trailer temperature at all times, even in the event of a mains power cut. 


The security of your business is paramount, and plenty of stock will be kept in the trailer, so you’ll want to ensure that your freezer or fridge trailer cannot be tampered with in any way. You wouldn’t leave the doors to your premises unsecured overnight, so don’t take the same risk with your external facilities, just because it all feels a little more improvised. Instead, be sure to check what security features your trailer is equipped with before you make a booking or purchase. 


When you require cold storage facilities, reliability is of predominant importance. Whether you’re storing food next to a restaurant, or selling takeaway pints on the move, it’s vital you can control the trailer’s temperature with precision. Furthermore, consistent monitoring allows you to meet regulatory requirements and safeguard your business. 

Of course, the accuracy of monitoring devices isn’t universal. When you’re hiring a fridge trailer or a portable freezer, do ensure that you have access to professional-grade temperature controls. The success and safety of your organisation relies on this, so specify your requirements before you arrange to hire equipment. Providing you choose a reputable supplier, you should have access to accurate, in-built temperature controls and monitors. 


While same day delivery isn’t a feature of fridge trailers per se, it’s a critical element of the decision making process in terms of which company you choose. When you can access equipment quickly and efficiently, you can modify your operations within hours, rather than taking weeks or days. This agility is so essential to finding success in the ever changing needs of current restaurant and pub operations.

As businesses begin to emerge from lockdown and are once again permitted to reopen their doors, they are still waiting to find out how successful their new protocols and processes will be in practice. Like most new initiatives, there’s a good chance you’ll want to make subsequent changes to your in-house routines once you’re back up and running. Leave your business open to opportunities for further flexibility by keeping your options open here.

Working with equipment supplies who can provide a same day delivery service ensures you can scale up your operations at the drop of a hat and respond to the increased demand as your customers come flocking back. 


No business can operate effectively without the correct resources in place. If you don’t have enough space or equipment to facilitate key workflows, your company could suffer significant financial and reputational damage. 

Instead of allowing your competitors to reopen ahead of you, take the time to upgrade and expand your facilities now. With the right fridge trailers and portable cold rooms, you can ensure your businesses is ready to succeed from the minute you begin trading again.